Seaforts Seaforts: a glass of wine, a silly face, and ever-changing hair color.

Hi! My name is Inness. Thanks for visiting Seaforts Seaforts!

Who are you?

I'm a "twenty-something," a joyful feminist, and a fancy cheese enthusiast. I live in Seattle with my boyfriend, Tyler. Sometimes I pretend to be a velociraptor. I like dogs and bees and musty old things.

What's up with the name?

The blog: My sister and I were on a road trip and we passed a business with "Seaforts" in the title. Somehow we ended up agreeing that "Seaforts Seaforts" would be the perfect name.

Me: My name comes from a U.K. baby name book, and it means "pure" or "island," depending on the translation. (Incidentally, "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" is one of my favorite poems.) It could also be derived from Aengus, the Old Irish god of "love, youth, and poetic inspiration." Either way, it's pronounced like "Guinness."

What's your background?

I have a B.A. in English and the apparent determination to do nothing directly pertaining to my degree. Except blog.

Geez, what are you doing with your life?

At present, I dabble in emergency preparedness and social media management.

My true passions are sex education and sexuality studies. I've previously enjoyed volunteering with and working for Planned Parenthood, as well as volunteering with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival through the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. I also worked as a social media intern for the Center for Sex and Culture.

I'm currently in grad school, pursuing a degree in Community Counseling. I hope to eventually practice sex therapy, and I especially want to work with marginalized communities such as sex workers, non-gender-conforming individuals, and people in atypical relationship dynamics such as polyamory.

What else?

I love to sing. And sing and sing. Sometimes it feels like all my free time is taken up with singing! I sing with the Seattle Ladies Choir and with the co-ed singing group, Seatown Sound, which I co-founded in September 2012. In college, I was a member of student a cappella group Take It SLO.

I also like to shop (too much), take pictures, and go on adventures big and small. I am trying to get really good at boxing and pole dancing. Once in a while I think that I also like things like knitting and cooking, and that's true, but it turns out that I like much more to be lazy.
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