Monday, February 6, 2017

Montana & Yellowstone Part Three

Parts one and two!

The next day, we said goodbye to Gardiner and continued through the park.

We saw some really gorgeous turquoise hot pots that matched my leggings.

Tyler, no!

And we made a brief foray into Grand Teton National Park and took a little hike through marshy birch territory, where I both longed and dreaded to see a moose. (I saw no moose.)

The next day was all about GEYSERS. We went to see Old Faithful, because of course, but we also saw the Lone Star Geyser and the Steamboat Geyser. We were lucky and timed our hike to Lone Star (which erupts every three hours) perfectly -- just in time to see it go and go and go! We were also lucky with Steamboat, which erupts infrequently. The last time it had erupted was over a year before our visit! Although we missed the actual eruption, it was still steaming when we visited, and the hot pot that feeds it was empty.

Another hike, another opportunity to sing my "no bears necessary" song.

Just before we left the park around dusk, we found a herd of elk riverside, the males bugling and chasing the females. It was a magical note to end on.

The next day, we learned how to shoot automatic rifles!

And thus ended our trip to Montana.

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