Friday, January 30, 2015

Stitch Fix #12

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Every time I think I've given up on Stitch Fix, I end up crawling back to them. I know why: I love the surprise. I love the questionnaire (even though I would prefer more questions to be on a continuum rather than drop-down, single answer only). I love reading other people's reviews and I love writing my own. But I don't feel loved by Stitch Fix and since I'm not a teenager anymore, I try not to love people who don't love me back. But! Here we are again, so let's get on with it.

Here's the cheery note that came in my box (entirely [sic]):

Hi Inness! Happy Fix day! We are currently out of the Kut From the Kloth jeans in red, but will keep an eye out for you, we can also keep an eye out for body con dresses as well [fun fact: I asked for jeans I'd seen in other recent bloggers' boxes; a pullover sweater; more tops; and a body con dress. I got one top and nothing else even close to what I'd requested; so much for that!]. I started you off with the Market and Spruce Wrap dress, this will look great on your figure and the pattern is fun! Pair it with the Skies are Blue Faux Leather Jacket for an added pop of edginess..perfect for a date night! For more casual occasions the Mavi Skinny jeans are super comfortable, a great wardrobe staple for everyday wear! Have fun trying these on! xo, Jessica

1. Market & Spruce "Zelda" ikat print wrap dress, $78

Wrap dresses are good in theory, but they annoy me in practice because you have to wear a slip or camisole + slip underneath. If you don't, it looks pretty sexy but you really have to worry about any passing breeze. This one passed muster because I liked the print, it was a fit and flare style so it flattered my body, and Tyler said I should keep it - he never cares about clothes. It was the only thing in my box that I liked, but I balked at the price. I feel like I could find an equally pretty, flimsy dress at TJ Maxx or Marshall's or whatever.

Verdict: kept.

2. Mavi "Yasmin" skinny jean, $98

I was intrigued by these pants when I took them out of the box. They're stretchy, like maternity pants or jeggings, but thicker and seemingly higher quality. They're high waist and very 1950s, which I like. The lack of pockets worried me, but they were surprisingly flattering. Although I wouldn't necessarily say they did anything special for my butt (that pose looks good in any pant), they also didn't actively work against it. Unfortunately the price deterred me and I wanted them to be even HIGHER waisted. I am particular about my pant rises.

Verdict: returned.

3. Pixley "Tracy" dot print cross back knit top, $58

Can you believe this shirt is $58? Hahahahahaha, AS IF. It's just a regular ol' knit shirt, a notch above Target quality but not by much, and bound to pill within a wash or two. The elastic cuffs annoy me and feel childish along with the cutesy polka dots, whereas the cut reminds me of a maternity top. Although I can pooch my stomach out very convincingly, I am in fact NOT pregnant.

Verdict: returned.

4. Skies are Blue "Terese" quilted faux leather jacket, $88

I appreciated this edgy addition to my box, but I already have a faux leather jacket that I love, plus the sleeves were too long and the fit too boxy and unflattering.

Verdict: returned.

5. Bancroft "Leighton" metal bauble necklace, $34

This necklace was fine but just nothing special in my estimation. I like statement necklaces, and gold jewelry, and I liked that the length was adjustable, but I couldn't imagine myself reaching for this necklace to complement any of my outfits.

Verdict: returned.

So there you have it! Better than returning everything, but I'd like to be REALLY enthused about my next box, if there will be a next box.. There probably will be. I just can't seem to help myself.

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