Monday, October 27, 2014

Trunk Club #1

Personal stylist review: Tyler edition!

Tyler is a tall, slim man with longer than average arms. Because it's so hard for him to find a good fit, Tyler pretty much loathes shopping, especially in brick-and-mortar stores. Happily, he's willing to pay for nice clothes that fit him well, so I forced his hand by signing him up for suggested he sign up for Trunk Club.

Trunk Club is described as "hand-selected clothing for men" with "premium clothes." It's kind of like Stitch Fix, except it's for men, there are no fees attached, and you can review your trunk before it's shipped. You also have to chat with your stylist in advance of getting a trunk to review. It's also a lot like Bombfell, except you commit to trying on more clothing at once and they seem to source from different labels. (Tyler has tried Bombfell, too, with mixed results but an overall positive regard.)

Getting the first trunk was kind of frustrating for Tyler because he and his stylist, Lauren, played phone tag for about a week. Eventually they did connect and she sent an email with clothing options to review before they were sent, and about a week after that, FedEx delivered a big box to our front door.

Inside was a note that read, "Hi Tyler, welcome to Trunk Club! The purpose of this first trunk is fit/sizing and to find you versatile pieces. These are great staples to help build your wardrobe. I put together some of my favorite outfit ideas for you. Remember to try EVERYTHING on and provide your feedback. Look forward to your thoughts!"

The trunk contained fifteen items, including a pair of shoes. I thought the presentation was very nice. I also liked the little extras that Lauren had included: three pairs of cool trouser socks, and magnetic power stays.

The first thing Tyler tried on was the Thomas Mason Oxford by Culturata ($135). He looks dubious in the picture on the left, and for good reason as it turned out. Sleeves are his greatest nemesis.

Next, he tried on the L/S Vintage Plaid Shirt by Life After Denim ($98), then the Contemporary Fit Dress Shirt DST by Eton ($265). Foiled again by sleeves!

Having exhausted the trunk's supply of button-up shirts, Tyler moved on to the Marble Jersey Henley by Velvetmen ($120), and then the Long Sleeve Mock Button Neck Sweater by Ralph Lauren ($165). The Henley was sooo soft and I like the brand, but unfortunately it didn't flatter his slim frame. I liked the Ralph Lauren sweater (also ridiculously soft) and thought it looked good on Tyler, but he said he had similar things in his closet already.

Next up was the V Neck Sweater by Jeremy Argyle ($158). It looks pretty good in the picture which makes me regret that he didn't want to keep it. It was a super soft merino wool, too, and green is a good color for him. Then he put the Sherman Cotton Linen Blazer by Sand ($650) on and.. nooo! The sleeves were laughable. Too bad, because the blazer was beautifully constructed (I especially liked the patterned fabric inside, and the faux pocket square).

After nixing all the tops, Tyler tried the pants. Both the A.G. Slim Khakis ($138) and the Paige Denim Normandie Japanese Twill ($179) were too big in the waist. Tyler usually has to wear a belt with all his pants anyway, but other than being nice pants there wasn't much to recommend these pairs, so he chose not to keep them.

Lastly, Tyler tried on the Paige Denim Normandie Slim Straight jeans ($179) with the Monarch J Shoes ($198). These jeans ALMOST made the cut. They were still too loose around the waist, but not too much so, and they looked good with the shoes. (The shoes were too big, unfortunately.) The back pockets looked kind of weird - they were low and huge, and it kind of looked like he had NO tush. The jeans were not as flattering with sneakers - they bunched up and looked like bell-bottoms - and I knew he would try to wear them together.

After all that, Tyler kept one pair of socks! Eeesh. But I enjoyed the process (even if he didn't), and I'm hopeful that with feedback on fit, Lauren can nail at least a few great new outfits for Tyler!

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