Friday, October 3, 2014

Stitch Fix #11

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My last fix was all the way back in June! I was feeling hopeful about this one because it's FALL and it's so much easier to find and wear cute things when the weather turns crispy. So here's the message from my stylist, Melissa:

Hi Inness, I really enjoyed styling for you today! I had so much fun looking through your Pinterest inspiration board and your amazing blog with your past Stitch Fix reviews! I'm really sad your last Fix was a disappointment and I hope we can turn this experience around for you. I wasn't sure if you wanted to try more boyfriend jeans this time, so I opted for an amazing high waisted work paint. The Emer pants create a smooth and flat silhouette and they will look great with the Jenny striped top and black flats for a polished & professional look for the office. I noticed several hot pink items on your inspiration board, so I thought you would love the Breyson top. The Marina polka dot dress is a flirty and feminine fit and flare style that is super flattering. Pair it with boots and a denim jacket this Fall! Enjoy!

I like Melissa! It's clear that she's paying attention: looked at my board, read my blog, knows I prefer high waisted pants, and noticed that I love hot pink! I was excited when I opened my box - it looked very promising.

1. 41Hawthorn "Berneen" printed dolman sleeve top, $58

When I first put this top on, I was excited. I'm really into printed tops right now, and there's nothing like this already in my closet. But the more I looked at it, the less pleased I was. I'm getting the feeling that although I love dolman tops, they might not love me so much. And this shirt, despite being almost $60, felt like a $10 polyester top from TJ Maxx. I could buy six TJ Maxx tops for the price!

Verdict: returned.

2. Margaret M "Emer" high waisted cropped trouser, $98

I got excited when I saw the words "high waisted" and "cropped" in the same line. And while they lived up to their descriptors, these pants certainly did not live up to their price. They were a little large on me, so maybe that was the problem, but they weren't flattering and certainly not "slimming" as the tag proclaimed (except in the same way that all black pants are "slimming"). They also felt cheap.

Verdict: returned. 

3. Yumi "Marina" polka dot belted dress, $114

I really wanted to like this dress. It was navy blue, with an interesting nubby fabric, and an exposed metal zipper, which I love. Fit and flare is my favorite style of dress and this dress delivered on that front. It was mostly flattering, except that the waist hit above my natural waist (I don't have THAT short of a torso!). The belt was a cheap, flimsy thing. I thought about keeping it, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth $114.

Verdict: returned.

4. Market and Spruce "Breyson" split-neck tab-sleeve knit top, $48

It's hard to see in these pictures, but this shirt really was a vibrant shade of hot pink. I loved it! I also loved how soft it was and that it had tab sleeves. But there the love ended. The material was thin and highlighted some not great stuff, yet at the same time, it felt really heavy and huge. All in all, I felt like I was wearing a maternity top.

Verdict: returned.

5. Tart "Jenny" scoop neck striped knit top, $68

I don't know if Stitch Fix knows this, but I like this brand, so kudos to Melissa for choosing it. I thought about keeping this top, too, but ultimately decided it just wasn't flattering enough. The stripe patterns were interesting and it was soft, but it was really low cut and flared away from my hips in a not-great way.

Verdict: returned.

I feel bad for disappointing Melissa, since I sent everything back again! I actually would like to have her as my stylist again - I feel like having so many stylists bouncing around hasn't facilitated a good box for me in a while, and I think she kind of got what I'm going for at least. Oh well! Next time.


  1. Ugh - I feel the same My last fix was cool pieces that I loved but nothing fit (I ended up buying those black pants in a bigger size online. I loved them for work). It sucks that I had to return my clothes so quickly that I could even have offered them to my coworkers who also do SF and wear a different size. I've been shopping for myself with SF in mind so maybe I just don't need anymore clothes. I loved that dress on you though. -- Tiffany

    1. Maybe they should extend the turnaround time! I think they're banking on spontaneous purchases though. The less time you have to decide, maybe the more likely you are to make poor choices? Thank you for the nice comment!


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