Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Egg donor cycle #3

I recently finished my third egg donor cycle, in a clinic totally new to me. I missed my old clinic, but this one had really nice-looking magazines, I guess?

I will say that I was not the biggest fan of the doctor who performed my ultrasounds. He would put his gloved fingers on my labia and spread them as he warned me that I would feel some pressure and goo from the ultrasound wand. I was a "pelvic model" once (fancy term for "medical student gynecological guinea pig"), so I know that you aren't supposed to stampede toward the labia/vagina - it's nicer to put the back of your hand on the inner thigh to prepare the patient. I was worried the first time that he was going to try to apply lube with his fingers, which would have been incredibly inappropriate, but happily he stopped at merely disagreeable. I don't think that this doctor meant to be creepy, though, and I'm sure that had I said something, he would have adjusted his methods. He was pleasant otherwise, and the rest of the staff was very sweet.

After my egg retrieval surgery, my doctor said that I was "like a little hen" - apparently they had taken forty-eight - FORTY-EIGHT!? - eggs from me. My previous record was twenty-seven! For the week after my surgery, I understood what other egg donors were talking about when they said that the cycle had been hard on their body. Although I didn't experience pain, I was grossly bloated and uncomfortable. I walked around like a lead balloon.

But now I'm back to my "normal" self and ready to tackle another cycle in January. I'm also ready to tackle my taxes. I got a letter from the IRS demanding back taxes on my "self-employment," even though being an egg donor isn't really considered employment (I'm not selling my eggs, I'm being reimbursed for my time, pain and suffering), and even though I'd already paid about $1000 to them in 2012. The moral of the story is: I'm getting a professional to help me with my taxes this upcoming spring.

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