Sunday, July 27, 2014

Getting a tarot reading

I love the Yes and Yes Network of Nice and I take advantage of the generous hook-ups all the time - they're wonderful! This month, I was intrigued by Mariya's offer to do a tarot reading for Yes and Yes readers. I sent her this email:

I'm wondering what the semi-near future holds. I've been in a relationship with a great person for 2 years, and I'm about to start grad school (for Community Counseling). I want to know if these two things are going to be successful, I suppose. And I kind of want to know what kind of person I'm going to turn out to be. I'm 26 and I still don't feel very grown-up! Will I be worthy of the kind of future that I want (loved, happy, satisfied with my job)?

Mariya sent me a picture of my cards..

..and wrote back:

Let's start with your relationship. What I can tell you is that it can be successful, but you have to learn and continuously finesse certain skills to keep it going in the right direction. In a way, every relationship can be considered successful as long as you learn and grow through it, but in your case I can tell you what you need to focus on. What's key is your communication skills - both ways. The idea is to learn how to express your ideas and wishes clearly, without leaving each other to guess. It's finding a balance between clarity and kindness. You want to be direct, but keep in mind that all your words are coming from love, if that makes sense.

Now for your education will also be a great journey if you understand that new knowledge overrides old. So if you come across something that contradicts something that you learned before, then unless it feels intuitively wrong, take it to be a development of your old knowledge. That sounds abstract, so let me give you a visual. Imagine that all the education and information that you got up to this point is the first section of a large staircase. What you are about to learn is the next section. The steps are different, but you would never have gotten to section two without climbing section one first. Therefore, let go of any old ideas or concepts that seem to be out of place now, and let yourself be guided by the new. This is hard to put into words, so feel free to ask questions if I'm not making myself clear.

The person you will be - or should be given you choose the right path in life - is someone who follows her passions and doesn't give up when the situation gets tough. You follow your calling no matter how challenging things can get, because that's when you know you're close to the finish line of your goal. And you definitely do deserve all the good that will happen, and you need to remember to celebrate yourself, celebrate people you love, and celebrate life. By honoring all of the above, you will be more than worthy of life's blessings.

Finally, I wanted to share something I saw about your life in general. Your path in this life is one of a clear mind and joy. You're in a position to feel great and spread light to people who need it, so never forget that. Keep in mind that just one smile can make someone's day, and that kind of stuff can become your greatest talent. All you need to do is not take yourself too seriously and enjoy every day.

I like tarot because, even if it's not "real," it still helps me refine and clarify thoughts I've already been having, or it gives me a positive message I can hold on to. This reading made me feel happy and purposeful. Thank you, Mariya!

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