Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stitch Fix #10

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I've reached a Stitch Fix milestone: the tenth box! Was it the magical culmination of all the reviews and input I'd given after each of the nine boxes that came before, as you might expect?
Spoiler alert: no.
Special requests: I asked them to try for boyfriend jeans again, and I mentioned that I was headed to Paris and needed stylish, travel-friendly clothing.

Here's the note from my stylist, Lisa:

All I had today in the way of boyfriend jeans is a pair of "not-distressed" Mavi Gold jeans. Wear these jeans cuffed on your trip with the U.S.A. made light pink Market and Spruce Ikat print pocket-front knit shirt and a pair of flats or heeled sandals. Other alternatives are to wear the pants with the blue Daniel Rainn snake print cross-front hi-lo bouse or the Daniel Rainn Swiss Dot & Floral Tie-Neck Blouse and a pair of blue flats. Let them know where you're from with the red, white and blue, American made Gilli striped maxi dress which you can wear with heeled sandals in Paris! Let me know how this fix works out in Paris! Have fun trying these on!

1. Gilli "Amie" striped belted maxi dress, $74

I laughed when I read the bit in the note about this dress: "Let them know where you're from with the red, white and blue...striped maxi dress.." Firstly, the French flag is also red, white, and blue - in stripes, no less! Secondly, the last thing I want to cop to when I'm in France is being an overly patriotic, "freedom fries"-type American tourist.

If this dress looks good on me in the pictures, it's only because I'm so damn good at posing. It highlighted my less pleasing curves in an unfortunate way. I was also annoyed that the stripes were only on the front of the dress.

Verdict: returned.

2. Market and Spruce "Elaine" Ikat print pocket-front knit shirt, $48

Before I tried this on, I figured it would be the one thing I'd keep. In the picture, it looks pretty and comfortable. But in person, it's just kind of boring, and the print is a noxious combination of salmon and grey. I think I also just don't like Ikat that much.

Verdict: returned.

3. Mavi Gold "Rider" boyfriend jean, $128

These jeans hated me.

The feeling was mutual.

Verdict: returned.

4. Daniel Rainn "Wayne" swiss dot & floral tie-neck blouse, $68

I briefly considered keeping this shirt, but it squeezed me in weird places (the sleeves mostly) and I kind of felt like one of my mother's 1970s Barbies (they would have looked much better in it, especially Ken).

Verdict: returned.

5. Daniel Rainn "Drake" snake print cross-front blouse, $68

Usually I avoid things like cross-front blouses and snake print. Snake print looks tacky to me most of the time, and the cross-front blouse thing had not been working for me, so I was surprised to like this shirt.

It still needed more of a nipped in waist, though, and I wasn't willing to pay $48 more ($68 - $20 deposit) for a pricey shirt I didn't love.

Verdict: returned.

So there you have it. The first box to have everything sent back.

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