Friday, June 6, 2014

Spokane Wedding

I'm so behind on posting, I know! But May was a busy month. I went to Nashville and to my stepsister's wedding in Spokane (the subject of this post) and I'm already on my way again to a new place (France!), so I'll probably stay behind for a while. But I can at least post some nice pictures.

My stepsister, Lauren, got married to Gabe Memorial Day weekend in a family member's backyard. (The term "backyard" is a bit of a misnomer; it was actually a gigantic field.) It was a really nice weekend and a lovely wedding. I was one of the unofficial wedding photographers, which was a fun honor for me.

Lauren gets ready!

Gabe and Lauren wanted to light a unity candle, but Lauren had never struck a match before..? I think. It was hard to understand. But all the groomsmen tried to help. It was cute.

Lauren and Gabe got their engagement rings tattooed on their ring fingers.

After dinner, I hid in the field.

The coconut-covered bars are lamington, a popular Australian dessert (because Lauren's mom, my stepmother, is Australian, Lauren loves them).

Taite enjoys a cupcake and Dad is very proud.

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