Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sex Ed Sunday

  • Dumb: Chase Bank closes hundreds of accounts, all with one thing in common - they belong to people in the adult film industry. Chase is a terrible bank anyway, go find a nice credit union instead. (Perez Hilton)
  • Other smart, college-educated sex workers are annoyed that the media has turned Belle Knox into the voice of their industry. (Huffington Post)
  • I sat in on a sex worker meeting once, just to listen, and I was surprised to hear* that they did not support the legalization of sex work any more than its criminalization. Tits and Sass discusses why.

*And this is why it's important to shut up and listen to marginalized communities instead of assuming you know what they want, because most of the time you're probably wrong, even if you have the best intentions.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I'll be 26 in a bit

The age at which I will cast off the last, sweet fetters of childhood: I can no longer be covered by my parents' health insurance plans. Other than that, a fairly ho hum birthday. I told Tyler I wanted a back rub and a Roomba for all the dog hair. My friends tried to whip up some excitement about potential party plans, but I just smiled and shrugged and suggested that, at the very most, we might have a little get-together and make our own individual pizzas. Maybe 26 is the age at which I become a grown-up? I've said that before, I know. But I already have so many very wonderful things to celebrate, including a home with freshly painted walls and an acceptance letter to a graduate program, so maybe I'll just be content to chill out for this birthday. If you want to look at this very modest wish list, you certainly may, but don't stress out too much about it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Guess what!

I totally slacked on Friday Favorites and Sex Ed Sunday this past weekend - I was just so busy! However, I do have a favorite thing that I haven't shared yet..


In September I'll start with Seattle University's Community Counseling program. I could not be more thrilled!

1001 in 101 challenge #4 complete!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Stitch Fix #9

See Stitch Fix #1#2#3#4#5#6#7, #8
Would you like to try Stitch Fix? Sure you would! (Thank you for the Fix credit!)
Check out my Stitch Fix style inspiration board.

Look, I can be a lifestyle blogger too! I've got all the important elements: air plant in a terrarium, sheepskin, rustic wooden table, Stitch Fix box.

This title has "Love Potion No. 9" stuck in my head. Which makes sense because when I opened my ninth Fix up, I thought I was in love.

It started with the letter, which was so nice and made me feel heard - my stylist, Ashley, had really listened to my requests! I asked for specific high waist jeans I'd tried on in a store in Portland (Kensie high waist skinny ankle biters), casual-chic spring clothes for an upcoming trip to Nashville, boyfriend jeans, and a maxi dress I'd seen in other Fix reviews. Ashley came through on almost all of them and I was so impressed by that.

I really enjoyed putting your fix together for you! I wanted to focus on your requests as well as send you some fun yet classic layering items that you could easily dress up or down, and that would seamlessly transition into spring. We unfortunately didn't have any high-waisted Kensie jeans in stock {it was worth a try!}, so I'm sending you these by Just Black as they are so flattering and comfy! Pair with either of these adorable tops, a strong blazer, fun accessories and some cool booties for the perfect casual-chic look. And I hope you love this Papermoon maxi dress! It's too cute and so versatile. Have fun trying everything on and I look forward to hearing what you think of your fix! xoxo...Ashley

I excitedly wondered if this would be the magical box that all Fixers talk about: the one where I kept everything and got the much-coveted "Buy All Discount."

1. RD Style "Braddon" airy knit v-neck sweater, $68
2. Just Black "Riley" distressed boyfriend jean, $68

First of all, let's talk about how cute the suggested outfits are on these cards. They are SPOT ON for my style. They make me want to shop more, which should be their goal. Secondly, the sweater is totally like other sweaters I've pinned to my inspiration board, and I specifically requested boyfriend jeans. Way to go, Ashley!

Look, a personalized chalkboard wall message, just for these pictures! And clearly I am feeling cute, because I'm playing with my hair.

Loved the style of this sweater. It was so light and airy, perfect for spring and summer. It looked like an update fisherman's sweater and it called, desperately, to be worn to the beach. And I liked that the back dipped low to cover my tush, which meant I could probably get away with wearing it with leggings. Yes! However, it made me look kind of dumpy by cutting across my hips at their widest point. Noooooo! I wanted you, sweater, really I did. Turns out I do best with tops that are low in both the front and the back and higher at the sides.

Verdict: Returned.

As for the boyfriend jeans, they were definitely the right size.. BUT I'm not sure what makes them boyfriend jeans. The light wash? The gentle distressing? (I love gently distressed jeans, it's true!) I thought boyfriend jeans were supposed to be a little looser, more lived-in. These just felt like normal jeans, and were very similar in fact to a pair of distressed skinny jeans I got from Anne Taylor LOFT. They were stretchy and pretty comfortable, but the rise was higher in the front than the back, or at least that's how it felt, and that doesn't make any sense for me. ...I just struggled for several minutes to think of a phrase to describe my butt that didn't resort to tired cliches or make it sound like I'm ashamed of it or use the word "butt." I have a larger butt. I like my butt, but it makes demands on my clothing.

Verdict: both returned.

3. Ezra "Myrah" Swiss dot and lace detail blouse, $48
4. Just Black "Banks" high rise cropped skinny jean, $78

Look how cute this blouse is, right? It's got a nice pattern and texture to it, it's a sweet shade of mint green (or turquoise, in this picture), and it seems to fit well. Lies.

The front of the shirt was so weird. It was really tight across my chest and shoulders, and hung weird on me. It was also kind of trying to be a crop top. It just did not work for my body at all.

Those jeans, however, are nice. They are actually jegging-esque, but I'm cool with that, even though it means that there are no front pockets. They have a high rise and a slim fit, with the ankles slightly looser than I prefer - but I actually liked that on these. These are the jeans that Ashley sent me in lieu of the Kensie jeans I asked for, since they didn't have that style in stock.

Verdict: returned the shirt, kept the jeans.

5. Papermoon "Waters" diamond print maxi dress, $78

I saw this dress in so many other Stitch Fix reviews and it always looked adorable. I wanted it so bad! I was really thrilled to find it in my box.

I dressed it up with a jean jacket as suggested, and a necklace from a previous Fix, and it did indeed look super cute. However, it was too short - it stopped at the ankles, which is not great for a petite, curvy person. It also would have looked nicer with a little more fabric in the torso/bust area. In these images it LOOKS like it fits perfectly and it's kind of making me regret sending it back, but I KNOW WHAT I SAW.

Verdict: returned, so regretfully.

A Fix with a lot of potential! I am just so very picky. The search for stylish spring and summer clothing continues.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sex Ed Sunday

  • Classic paintings remixed with consensual camgirl portraits in camgirlsproject. (Animal New York)
  • Sometimes stories about bad sex are funny. Sometimes they're cringe-worthy, sometimes Cosmo-esque. This one is sharp, sad, and ultimately triumphant. (pretty dumb things)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Favorites

  • As someone who doesn't shave her armpits and loves the natural look, Ben Hopper's "Natural Beauty" photos delight me!
  • This week was weird, because National Equal Pay Day was on Tuesday and it felt like, for one day, everyone was a feminist. Which I LOVED but it's kind of like.. you guys are just now figuring out that gendered pay inequity is a thing? (Echidne of the Snakes, again!)
  • I know thredUP (or however it's capitalized) isn't new to the internet, but it's new to me! I haven't purchased any clothes through it yet, but I love that it's basically like a mix between Goodwill and eBay.
  • I follow a lot of lifestyle bloggers, and they all seem to have seamless lives filled with easy, brilliant DIYs. So it's kind of nice to hear a blogger talk about a time that a DIY went wrong - because that's pretty much all I'd ever talk about if I got into do-it-yourself stuff. (Thrifty Decor Chick)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Win it: lifetime membership to Skillshare!

Have you heard of Skillshare? If you're into things like typography and photography and other -ographies, as most bloggers these days seem to be, you should check it out.

From "The Art of Typography"

Or perhaps you're in marketing, or you want to be? Skillshare has some great classes that can give you a boost in that direction.

Learn to build a persuasive brand with Skillshare.

Whatever your creative goals, Skillshare has something for you! And to celebrate the launch of their new membership program, Skillshare is giving away a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. That is ah-mazing.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sex Ed Sunday

  • Anti-fat shaming Twitter trend, #notyourgoodfatty, makes me so happy! (Queerie Bradshaw)
  • Meet Claudette, an intersex sex worker from Switzerland. (Huffington Post)

Friday, April 4, 2014

What to do in Portland, OR

In lieu of Friday Favorites, I bring you my new favorite city!

Every year my workplace gives me one free train ticket to go somewhere between Eugene, OR, and Vancouver, BC, because I take the bus to work all the time or something. I don't ask a lot of questions about the free train ticket because I LOVE TRAINS. Last year, Tyler and I went to Vancouver. This year, we elected to visit Portland.

Portland is weird and I'm totally okay with that. In fact, I love it.
We stayed in the Burnside/Buckman area, in an apartment we had all to ourselves because AirBnB is great like that. The first thing we noticed about Portland is that all the streets, at least everywhere we wandered, were nice and flat - perfect for walking or biking. And also, it was sunny and warm and smelled like California, on a weekend when Seattle was being pelted with cold, juicy rain.

There were signs everywhere extolling the virtues of play. I am so down with that.

The first thing we did once we were settled in was walk to EastBurn, a cute bar with outdoor seating. The indoor seating was swings, and we really wanted to sit on them, but they were all reserved. I sat in one for just a moment because I couldn't help myself.

We look a little ragged in these pictures, but to be fair, we'd just been on a train for five hours.

The food and drinks were marvelous and so inexpensive that I couldn't quite believe it. You're telling me nice cocktails exist for UNDER $9 outside of Seattle? It was like we were in Iowa, except much better.

That thing in the upper right corner would be FRIED BRIE.

After snacks we just wandered around the neighborhood, enjoying how very Portland it all was. We saw a lot of chickens.

Later that night, I told Tyler I wanted to go to a - gasp! - strip club. We chose Hawthorne Strip because it was within walking distance and it sounded like it was just basically your classic neighborhood dive bar, with the addition of naked people.

This was taken on our last day in town because I wanted a picture while it was light out. I looked much nicer the night we actually went inside.

The naked people were excellent dancers and most of them had really good taste in music. I went a little overboard on the coke & bourbon and befriended a nice regular named Tim who was about our age, and he took us to his favorite sandwich shop, Devil's Dill. I don't remember much of that business. I sort of remember walking home, doing my usual woe-is-me drunken sobbing bit (to Tyler's delight, I'm sure!), waking up in the middle of the night and declaring that I would eat the sandwich we'd bought in bed, taking one bite and deciding that it was too messy and putting it back in the fridge. And I definitely remember the epic, evil hangover I had the next day. (Some might say it served me right, going to a strip club. I might disagree with those people, but that's a post for another day, and really something better addressed by Tits & Sass.)

Quick disclaimer: I'm not actually drinking, drunk, or hungover all the time! I actually drink way, way less than most 25-year-olds I know - hell, less than most 19- or 49-year-olds I know, even. As I explained to my mother the other day, it's like shark attacks. They don't actually happen that often but when they do happen, people tend to talk about them A LOT and they're so over-hyped that we end up thinking that sharks are always going out and getting wasted biting people. I learned in an undergraduate psychology class that that's called a "fear heuristic." Anyway. Back to Portland.

On Saturday, Tyler took me to the part of Hawthorne that's all cool shops, and I could just barely muster up enough enthusiasm and energy to poke around inside one or two. He even voluntarily entered a vintage store for me and tried to interest me in some stuff there, but I told him I had to leave because I didn't want to throw up on their nice things.

Yep, that's Tyler holding a very classy wooden penis/bottle opener. I barely even cared.

I started to perk up when we went to the Mississippi neighborhood once I entered, of all things, a plant store!

I have the blackest of black thumbs, but I had it in my head that I needed an air plant terrarium.

You pick an air plant and a container, then you choose moss and rocks and sand from these drawers.

Putting one together distracted me beautifully from my pain and suffering. (Sadly, my terrarium broke later, on the train probably. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried when I realized it was broken.) I emerged triumphantly from the store to reunite with Tyler at Stormbreaker, a bar with an outdoor patio full of adorable dogs.

And then Tyler got stuck in a tire-swing.

But he looked good doing it.

I laughed the rest of my hangover away and we celebrated with nachos (in retrospect, not the best choice for someone with recent tummy distress) at the Oregon Public House, a pub where you can choose to which charity you'll donate a portion of your bill. Pretty cool concept!

The next day, we decided to wander around downtown. We found this store and, having watched "Portlandia," I had to pose under the sign, cheesy as it seemed.

Cacao to cacao.
Maybe I made the appropriate tithe to the Portland gods or something, because soon after that we discovered Carrie and Fred at Powell's!

Even more adorable in person!
The rest of the day was spent meandering, checking out a few more places (like Prasad, Food Fight - your friendly neighborhood vegan grocer - Bailey's Taproom, and Cartopia - a veritable food cart utopia), then hopping back on the train.

I fell deep, deeply in love with Portland that weekend and I'm still dreaming of it! It feels like sacrilege to say this when Seattle is such a wonderful city.. but I might consider a move in the not too distant future.

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