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Stitch Fix #8

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It's been a couple of months since my last Fix, so my stylist's message started this way:

Hi Inness! Welcome back to Stitch Fix!

It hasn't been that long! And if it has, it's only because the wait is now about 1-2 months out. ;)
The rest was great - it showed such personal attention to detail! This is why I keep coming back (even though, as a Stitch Fix employee has noted, I usually only keep one or two items from each box):

I noted in your profile that you prefer US made clothing. I've included a few brands in your Fix today...hope you love the selection. Team the Just Black black ankle biter skinny jean with the 41 Hawthorn fuchsia pink blouse. Also selected the TCEC khaki green surplus jacket, great piece to layer over a pop of color/pattern tee (maybe add a waist belt similar to the image on your pinterest board? [she means this one, yay!]) and the Pomelo embroidered hemline navy dress. If you are interested in trying a few of our polyester mix blouses, please let us know through your profile, or deselect in the avoid materials section, we have a great range of cute pieces that you may like. Enjoy! Look forward to your feedback. Julie :-)

I can't decide if I want to try their polyester options. Usually I prefer natural fibers.. but you never know. Anyway, on to the show!

1. Just Black "Dean" ankle zip skinny jean, $78 - returned

I wanted to be able to keep these pants so bad! They were the perfect length, they were made in the USA, they had a cool zip detail at the ankle, and they were black (and I need more black pants). But they were just a little bit too tight in the waist and the rise was too low for me. (I only like to show my underwear to people on purpose.) I even emailed their customer service people to see if they could exchange for a larger size, but unfortunately they could not.

I am wearing them with the..

2. 41Hawthorn "Natasha" front pocket sleeveless blouse, $58 - returned

Stitch Fix loves to send me sleeveless tops. I may even be warming to them, myself. And this one was a very pretty color. But the armpit holes were huge, and the top buttonhole was torn, so perhaps not the best quality. Also very prone to wrinkles, as you can see.

3. Pomelo "Trin" tie-neck embroidery hem dress, $74 - returned

Nope nope nope, I thought when I put this dress on. It was a pretty navy color and very soft, the embroidery at the bottom was nice, but the rest of it suggested "dumpy peasant." In this picture I am doing my best to suck everything in. (In this picture you can also see that my mirror needs to be cleaned.)

4. TCEC "Rosie" cinched waist surplus jacket, $58 - KEPT
5. Daniel Rainn "Syracuse" printed pintuck sleevess blouse, $68 - returned

I tried on both of these together. I was so happy about the jacket - it's exactly what I'd been looking for for so long. The shirt was pretty and had a lot of color. It also fit well. But it was too long and a little pricey for what it was.

Thus completes my review of box #8. The thing I like best about my Fixes is that they're like a grab bag - it's really the anticipation and the surprise of what might be in there that delights me best!

Stitch Fix

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