Monday, February 10, 2014

Now & Then

I found out through At Home In Love that a bunch of bloggers are doing a fun little retrospective and comparing their lives eight years ago with their lives now. I decided to join in!

I have the dubious benefit of being able to go back to online journals I kept in 2006 to see what I was reading, wearing, and thinking back then. Honestly, 17-year-old me makes 25-year-old me cringe a little. But I'm sure 33-year-old me will feel the same in eight years. It's nice at least to see evidence of some evolution! And I can definitely laugh at my teenage navel-gazing.

I can say with authority that I listen to much better music now than I did in high school. However, I read a lot more when I was younger. I still love to read, but my library queue is so long that it stresses me out and I mostly just keep my holds paused all the time! I was obsessed with anime in high school and I had a pretty extended nerdy phase. Not that I am not still a nerd, because I totally am.

I crush really hard on my partners. I told Tyler last night that I'd thought about marrying every single person I've seriously dated, and that's true. Thank goodness I've never acted on that feeling, but I think it means that I feel really fiercely devoted when I'm in a relationship, and that's nice.

I'm much better at hair and clothes than I was in high school. I remember really disliking teen-oriented stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, but secretly wishing that I was cool enough or thin enough to look good in their clothes. One benefit of not being able to rely on that kind of store is that I did a lot of shopping in mixed bag stores like Nordstrom Rack or Goodwill, and now I'm good at recognizing great style and quality. Most of the time.

I spend a lot less time with friends or doing sporty activities as an adult, and that makes me sad. But I get to do a lot more stuff independently, and that makes me happy, so. I don't really remember any specific dreams or life plans when I was 17 - I knew I was destined for college and I didn't think a whole lot further than that. I considered a lot of jobs in kind of a silly way, imagining myself as a big rig truck driver or a mortician. It wasn't until the middle of college that I figured myself out. But that's how it goes!

If you do a "Now & Then" post, I'd love to see it! Leave the link in the comments.

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