Thursday, February 6, 2014

New house!

I haven't blogged anything of note in a while because the past week has been chaos! Seattle Ladies Choir had their winter concerts, so that ate up all my time last week that wasn't spent packing up the apartment I shared with Tyler. On Sunday morning, we finally moved to the brand new house he bought all the way back in December.

I've already had a couple of adventures. I'm learning how to navigate my new bus schedule, for one thing. For another, while Tyler was at work the other day, I managed to lock myself out of our house with no shoes and no coat. I ran to four different neighbors' houses and none of them were home. Finally, I wandered further afield and found an older lady at home with her cat. She let me use her phone and insisted on giving me flip-flops, a blanket, and a coat to wear. I spent the next half hour singing to myself in my garage until Tyler came home and rescued me.

The house is mostly unpacked but I'm going to wait to take pictures until I feel more settled and it looks the way I want it to. This looks like a job for IKEA!

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