Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to get a lot of free food and feel swanky

Pretend you're a planner and get on the list for fabulous open houses! Last night Taite and Tyler and I attended the MOHAI Events open house, and it was wonderful.

Oh hey, Toe Truck. Long time no see, old friend!
I hadn't visited MOHAI since they moved to South Lake Union, and their new space is absolutely gorgeous! As soon as I walked in I was already planning so many parties in my head. I tried to convince Tyler to tell his office to host its annual holiday event there, as well as his 30th and 50th birthday parties, and my 26th birthday party, and every single wedding of every one of our friends. That's how often I want to be at MOHAI. All the weddings, all the parties, all the marveling over old things and silly musicals about the Great Seattle Fire.

And it certainly didn't hurt that MOHAI was full of delicious snacks and drinks and pretty, sustainable flower arrangements last night.

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