Monday, January 13, 2014

Stitch Fix #7

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Lucky number seven! Maybe? Here's the message inside, from stylist Jenny:
Hi Inness! I had a blast styling your Fix today! I chose the Papermoon cardigan because it is a fun piece to throw on over anything you could imagine for a casual look. throw it over the LA MADE top with a distressed boyfriend jean, ballet flats, and the Bay to Baubles necklace for a fab look. The LA MADE top is a fun and easy breezy top that you could pair with denim and boots or even a pair of colored denim if the mood strikes. The Bay to Baubles neclace will add intrigue to any neckline so add it to anything! The Tart dress is a fun color and wrap dresses are so great on so many body types - particularly hourglass. Throw a denim jacket or unbuttoned chambray top on with a riding boot and the Emperia bag for a look that will have you looking casually chic. I can't wait to hear your feedback on your Fix! xo Jenny
 1. Tart "Johnna" wrap dress, $98 - returned

The suggested stylings for this dress.

This was a very pretty dress. I was tempted to keep it, but I wasn't sure the color flattered me or that I could afford it. I chose to return it, but it was difficult!

2. Empera "Brennan" studded dome bag, $50ish - returned

This bag says that it's "vegan and lead-free," which is great! But it smelled kind of funny (the faux leather has a strong smell) and it was just much too big of a bag for me. I was sorely tempted, though - the color is exactly the color I prefer for purses, and it had lots of pockets and a leopard print lining.

3. Bay to Baubles metal lace bib necklace, $32 - kept

So pretty! At first I wasn't sure that I wanted it, but it's unlike anything I already own. It's adjustable, and at its longest length it falls exactly where I like necklaces to sit on me. I wore it yesterday and got compliments right away.

4. LA MADE "Daugherty" striped knit tank, $40ish - returned

This tank was made in America, which explains the higher price. It felt well made and I liked the way it fit me. The stripes were perhaps not too flattering. I also feel like I have enough stripey things, and this is a shirt more appropriate for spring/summer. I sent it back mostly based on the price, however. I just can't afford much right now!

5. Papermoon "Jerrard" heathered open front cardigan, $48 (I think) - returned

Hard to see details in this picture - here's one that's better:

I think this type of "heathering" just doesn't look great on me, or at all, really. It looks and feels cheap. I liked the style, but would have preferred it looser and longer.

Well, I love my new necklace! I'm in the midst of moving to a new home, so I'll take a break from Stitch Fix until I'm settled - and I have more wiggle room in my budget.

Stitch Fix

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