Friday, January 24, 2014

One great way to tank your self-esteem

I'm proud and happy to be a Yelp Elite member (even though it means that I probably spend way too much money dining out and way too much time writing reviews), especially when I get invited to great parties, like the one at Axis Pioneer Square last night. Taite and I snacked on all sorts of great samples, tried a few tasty cocktails, and got balloon hats.

...we also got caricatures.

It's my own fault - hubris, really. I was sitting there, smiling and chatting away with the artist, so certain that my picture would come out looking like a doe-eyed princess.

Clearly I pissed the artist off somehow, because this is what I got:

I wasn't hurt, though - I'm reasonably sure that I don't look like that and I got to laugh about it the rest of the night. Plus, it was free, so at least I didn't pay to get insulted.

But for those of you who aren't feeling so thick-skinned, maybe don't get a caricature done.

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