Sunday, December 15, 2013

Museum of Flight, old sport?

Last weekend was Tyler's office holiday party, which was not held at his office but at the Museum of Flight.

The party was Great Gatsby-themed, which delighted and disappointed me in equal measure - delighted because I love a vintage aesthetic, disappointed because of all the eras they could have chosen, they chose the one that least suits my body type. Flappers are wispy, glittery things, and I, well - I have boobs.

But there's something about the opulence of the 1920s that lends itself so well to holiday fetes, so I allowed myself to enjoy the theme. I donned furs and fussed over my look, even attempting false eyelashes and finger waves. (The false eyelashes didn't take, but I was pretty proud of my hair sculpting. I used this tutorial.)

Tyler's office sponsored an open bar, appetizers, and a dinner and dessert buffet. After dinner, we were free to wander the museum (and surreptitiously make out in the less trafficked exhibits), dance to the live band music, and take picture upon picture in the self-operated photo booth.

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