Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 was AWESOME!

Today marks the second anniversary of my first post on this blog! To celebrate, I'm looking back at some of the highlights of the year.

I raised my blog from the dead this June after a six month hiatus! August and December saw the most activity, with 25 posts apiece at this time. And I committed to weekly installments, Friday Favorites and Sex Ed Sundays.

I turned 25 and got a tattoo - my first ever - on my birthday! I can't believe I still haven't written about that.

Tyler and I went to Iceland! It was an amazing trip. Our adventure is chronicled here.

Seatown Sound, the choir so near and dear to my heart, started to really take off this year. We had quite a few opportunities to perform and we celebrated our one year anniversary! I hope we get even more chances to sing for the public in 2014.

I was a bodypaint model for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Great experience, but not one to be repeated - getting the paint off afterward was a grueling endeavor. Plus I had to scrub the bathtub.

I joined the 101 in 1001 challenge and failed to complete a juice cleanse.

My father got re-married!

I found out what it's like to be laced into a real, old-timey corset. (You can't inhale too deeply or you'll feel like something inside you popped..)

My sister and I spent Halloween dressed as a bit of 90s nostalgia. (I miss Nickolodeon's golden years!)

And I learned how to make finger waves.

Plus I am still dating this very nice boy.

2013 was an amazing year! I hope next year I have even more adventures, and that I grow as a person and a blogger.

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