Monday, November 18, 2013

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

I've been mostly vegetarian for about three years now. I've always loved meat, but I decided at some point that there are things more important to me than satisfying my sweet pork tooth on a regular basis, such as humane animal husbandry practices and environmental sustainability. Instrumental in the switch was my dear friend, Inbal, who is vegan. She's not at all ostentatious about her veganism, but instead leads by quiet, and delicious, example. The girl can cook!

The majority of the time, I don't miss meat. There are so many things that I can eat as a vegetarian (and most of them don't even involve tofu - even though it is so very tasty), especially in Seattle. But I'm not strict with myself; if I'm craving a cheeseburger, I let myself have it. Then I devote myself again to the path of greens and grains. (And eggs. So many things in life are improved by eggs. Obviously I haven't quite made it to Vegan Level.)

The other week, I must have been deficient in some kind of vitamin, because I went on a meaty rampage. My boyfriend bought his first home; we celebrated with filet mignon at a fancy steak place. A restaurant coupon was about to expire, so we gorged on fresh, fantastic sushi. My grandmother invited us over for an aebleskiver breakfast feast - naturally, there was bacon.

So I'm especially looking forward to Thanksgiving, which is a great opportunity for me to practice abstinence from meat...while being surrounded by tons of it. Luckily, it's incredibly easy to be vegetarian at Thanksgiving! All those sides, drinks, and desserts can be really satisfying, even without turkey (or Tofurky..I shudder to think of it). Here are a few recipes that have caught my eye this year:

Citrus & Pomegranate Brussels Sprouts

Lightened Up Fresh Green Bean Casserole 
(sub veggie stock for chicken)

Cranberry Sauce with Persimmons

Apple Herb Stuffing

Rosemary & Ginger Mulled Cider

Mushroom Gravy

Sweet Potato Gratin

Happily, I rarely have to judge whether or not a pie is vegetarian, and I can dive right in!

What are your favorite vegetarian or vegan recipes for Thanksgiving?

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