Thursday, November 14, 2013

Live in Seattle? Come to this great event!

Do you live in or near Seattle? Do you love music and tacos? (Uh, yeah, of course you do.) What if I told you those two things would be combined this November 21st? You'd be really ridiculously excited, right? 


Three great reasons you should attend this awesome event:

1) Pecado makes amazingly delicious tacos (and cheap, great margaritas) - and with the entry fee, those tacos are UNLIMITED. Make some bets with your friends and see who can eat the most. Win your $15 back, handily, because you are the taco champion.

2) While you are eating those scrumptious tacos, we will serenade you with a variety of luscious lady-tunes. And you can feel really good about yourself for supporting a lovely local choir.

3) If you attend and you tell everyone that I sent you, I could win a boudoir photography session. If I do, and you contributed to my success, you will get to see my boobs. Alternately, if you would prefer NOT to see my boobs (hurtful, but I'll try to understand), you should still come and tell everyone that I sent you. If you don't, and I find out, well.. face the wrath of my boobs.

So come, eat lots of tacos, win some cool prizes, and TELL THEM INNESS SENT YOU.

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