Monday, November 25, 2013

Stitch Fix #6

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It's been a while since I last got my fix. Stitch Fix must be in crazy demand now, because the wait for a box is at least a month or two! I used to be able to schedule a fix on a whim, and have it sent to me within a couple of weeks. Ah, the good old days.

Stitch Fix seems to have done away with the plastic style tags that used to hang from each item of clothing, and that's fine by me. Now the style guides are sent in one big sheet, with perforations so you can separate the little squares.

I also got a note from my stylist, Adelyn:
Hello from Stitch Fix! This fix is all about building your fall wardrobe with versatile and easy to layer pieces. Unfortunately, we did not have the herringbone vest in your size [I had requested this vest] but we will make note of this request for your next fix. :) For a chic casual look try pairing the super soft burgundy jeans with the plaid tab shirt and your favorite boots. I hope you have fun trying everything on! We are looking forward to your wonderful feedback. xo Addie
On to the clothes:

1. Fun2Fun Colibri Plaid Tab-Sleeve Cotton Shirt, $48

I liked this shirt. It's flannel, and I almost just bought two flannel shirts at Old Navy but put them back at the last moment. Good thing I did! This one is way cuter, and I like the color scheme very much (evergreen and navy). I also like the tab sleeves. The bottom of the shirt flares away from my hips a little strangely, and the front seems a bit long, but it's not long enough overall to be worn (in public) as a tunic with leggings. Still, it was my favorite thing in the box, so..
Verdict: Kept.

2. Jach's Girlfriend Ashmore Dot Print Cotton Henley Shirt, $74

Ehhhh.. this shirt was pretty cute. It's a good color, and has teeny yellow and navy dots. It also has the opportunity for tab sleeves, and it buttoned fairly easily over my chest. But it was a little tight there, and in the hips as well, and it just didn't look that great on me. Plus, the price - what!? I checked to see if it was made in America, but no, made in China, of very thin cotton.
Verdict: Returned.

3. Bay to Baubles Chelsea Jewel Statement Necklace, $32

I think this necklace was a very clever addition to my box. If I'd chosen to keep the Ashmore shirt, they would have been a natural pairing, and I would have had no choice but to get the necklace, too. The "gems" match the shirt and its dots nearly perfectly!

But even though I liked the look of this necklace, it felt cheaply made, and it didn't hang down far enough. I like my statement necklaces to hit just above my cleavage - it just looks better to me, and works better with my shirts and dresses.
Verdict: Returned.

4. Honey Punch Ester Striped Knit Sweater Jacket, $64

No article of clothing that makes my mouth do that is destined for my closet. This "jacket" was more of a flimsy, hideous hoodie with a zipper that barely worked. It was thin, it was ugly, and it was way too cheap to warrant more than sixty dollars, even if it didn't make me look like a dumpy pygmy. 
Verdict: Returned.

5. Mavi Gold Nigel Skinny Jean, $138

These pants were a pretty autumnal burgundy, and they were insanely, buttery soft. They fit me pretty well, even if they maybe weren't the most flattering. I thought these looked okay in person but in pictures they make me look like a Thanksgiving turkey. 

Word to the wise: don't ever take a picture of your butt over your shoulder. It will just make you sad.

The pants also had a 32" inseam, which puzzled me after my feedback on those jeans from last time. Stitch Fix, you know how tall I am! You ask specifically for that information! I am not going to pay to have $138 jeans hemmed!

My toes are curly but my feet are clean, and that's all you can really ask, right?

The last thing in my box was a special Stitch Fix Holiday Kit, which included a $50 off coupon for, a couple of recipes, and a gift card in case you decide to buy someone else something from Stitch Fix.

But my next fix won't arrive until January at least. :(

Would you like to try Stitch Fix? Sure you would!

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