Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favorites

  • Tired of Iceland yet? Of course not! How could you be? Go see Stephie's blog for more Icelandic adventures. (Secretly Stephie)
  • This amazing letter from DESC, a Seattle organization that works for the homeless and impoverished, to KIRO, which recently featured a segment titled "The Most Dangerous Block In Seattle." The entire letter is beautifully written and so compelling. Here's just a snippet (Seattlish):
The “Most Dangerous Block in Seattle” is the result of a culture-wide practice of socially isolating economically disadvantaged people who struggle with various combinations of mental illness, physical and developmental disabilities, terminal disease, and chemical dependency; then ghettoizing them through incarceration or institutionalization into an environment of desperation, and subsequently failing to provide adequate resources for treatment, education, health care and emotional counseling. And finally with reports like this, stigmatizing them through sensationalist reporting and misrepresentation making reintegration into the larger society even more difficult if not impossible. ... Offer them your hope, not your contempt.

  • Still not sure what to serve for Thanksgiving? You could take a look at my Pinterest board, "Horn of Plenty," for inspiration - or you could let a Thanksgiving slot machine choose for you. (Saveur) 

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