Thursday, November 28, 2013

Boycotting Black Friday

I'm staying in and ignoring Black Friday tomorrow, because 1) I hate crowds and traffic, 2) I don't feel like feeding the monster that is consumerism, and 3) because those deals are bullshit. Seriously, Black Friday is a total scam, if not totally evil. Sometimes people are even tragically, literally trampled to death during Black Friday.

(Here's a big surprise: Walmart still hasn't paid the $7,000 fine for completely failing to protect their employee from the deal-hungry mob outside their doors.)

If you must participate, here are the companies that did and did not allow their employees the day off to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families (hint: don't shop at the stores owned by assholes) and the top nine products not to buy (from the perspective of actually caring whether or not you're getting a deal). Also, shop local or secondhand - the first is better for your local economy, the second more sustainable.

Really, haven't you got better things to do than fight through slavering hordes of people to "score" crappy TVs and fleece leggings?

Edit: Everlane is doing something awesome.

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