Thursday, October 3, 2013

When parents elope!

My dad got married to his amazing girlfriend, Annie, last week!

They had a small elopement ceremony at the beautiful Alderbrook Resort on the Hood Canal. Though the weather all that week had been stormy, their evening was dry and overcast, perfect for pictures!

Their rings are simple and classic.

Signing the marriage certificate! No going back now.

Jumping pictures are always the best!

The day was a very happy one, even though I'd been so stressed out that morning that I had dissolved into tears several times. I cried because my hair was too frizzy. I cried because I couldn't decide what to wear and nothing seemed right. I even cried because Taite asked me to test her tea for her while she was driving, and it burned my tongue. Just lost it. Something about parents getting married does that, you know? Not because I was confused about how to feel - overjoyed, duh! - but because I felt like I hadn't done enough to make sure that the day was as special as it should have been.

But it all turned out wonderfully, and my fears were unfounded. And now I have three new fabulous family members!

Not fake laughter! We couldn't figure out the self-timer mode on the camera.

We topped off the evening with a reeeeally good dinner and the best traditional wedding cake I'd ever had. The buttercream was melt-in-your-mouth perfection, and the cake had fresh mashed raspberries with a hint of lemon for the filling.

Then we all got in the complimentary robes in our rooms and snuggled and watched Animal Planet.

In other wedding news (THAT DEFINITELY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PARENTS), Joanna asks her friends whether they had sex on their wedding nights. Lots of funny, honest answers! (A Cup of Jo)

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