Monday, October 28, 2013


Since Halloween is on a Thursday this year, Seattle (naturally) decided to dispense with most of the debauched and diabolic doings this past weekend. I participated, to some extent.

On Friday, I gathered Tyler and some of my best ghoul-friends and headed to a costumed mashup dance party.

I was a Purple Parrot from Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Tyler was Artie (The Strongest Man In the World) from Pete & Pete. We were feeling nostalgic for the 90s, I guess! We made our own costumes out of things we already owned, things we thrifted, and spray paint, so they were cheap and fun.

It turns out I can't dance very well to mashed up songs, but I had the time of my life just watching Taite and her friends be "sexy ghosts." Especially when they would drink things and put the straws through their little ghost lips. I laughed all night.

I even laughed on our walk home when the ghosts, emboldened by their be-sheeted anonymity, accosted strangers in the street and refused to be corralled! Those pesky ghosts.

On Saturday, Taite and Tyler and Molly and I went to a costumed pub crawl in Fremont. Taite joined me as a post-apocalyptic Purple Parrot; Tyler reprised his role as The Strongest Man In the World; and Molly was a Rosie the Riveter who "got in a fight with the Patriarchy."

Apparently I think it's super tough-looking to basically be punching myself in the face.

The pub crawl was really fun - we saw hundreds of costumes, made some new (and very temporary) friends, and roamed the streets in character. Tyler got called "Waldo" so often that he finally took a picture with a (pretty apathetic) Waldo, just to show people how clearly unlike Waldo he looked. (It didn't work.)

Taite and I just about died of happiness when we met some Blue Barracudas, who were also contestants on Legends of the Hidden Temple!

The rest of the night is better forgotten. I'll probably laugh later when I think about the Irish guy who tagged after us for hours, or the rude way I talked to some bouncers (to be fair, they were really mean to Tyler for no good reason!), or the three different crying events (for once, I was not the only one!)... but right now I'm still suffering from a shameover and I don't want to talk about it. Eeesh.

However! Three more lovely spooky days await me, full of potential. I can't wait.


Bonus! Some mildly naughty (and very funny) takes on old timey Halloween postcards from Hark! A Vagrant (follow the link for full size):

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