Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Favorites

I'm getting in the spirit of Halloween with these Friday favorites! Just as October is my favorite month, Halloween is my favorite holiday - there's so much space for creativity. Also, I really really love caramel corn and spooky motifs.

  • Ha! This guy bought two life-sized skeletons and he hangs out with them all over his house. (OTIS)
  • I made a Halloween playlist. It has a mix of genres, and I think it's the perfect soundtrack for a party or for pumpkin carving!
  • Have you already eaten too much bite-sized candy this month? (I wish I could say the same - I've had food poisoning for the past week and I am passionately LONGING for a sweet little treat.) Don't cut yourself off from tasty Halloween snacks! Explore these "Health-oween" options instead. (Healthful Pursuit)
  • I personally love carving pumpkins and do not understand why you wouldn't want to (how will you get at the delicious seeds inside??), but if you don't, here are some pretty no-carve pumpkin ideas! I like the lace one especially. (Camille Styles)
  • My friend taught me how to read tarot cards once, and I loved it. Even though I don't necessarily believe in magic, I think tarot is a great way to make sense of things you're already mulling over subconsciously. Plus it's fun and the cards are pretty! (Free People Blog)

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