Monday, September 23, 2013

Stitch Fix #5

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My first fall Fix! Jordan was my stylist this time, and she wrote me a nice note:

"Hi Inness! I hope you have fun with your fix! I love the Collective Concepts dress and it would be cute with a pop of color. You mentioned one of the asymmetrical cut jackets working style wise, but that it was tight in the arms so I threw in the Sweet Rain jacket because it has a similar style with an easier fit (it's one of my favorites)! Enjoy and thank you for all the reviews and feedback!"

So nice! This is the first time I've noticed a note at the top of my Fix list, but I almost didn't see it so maybe my stylist has written me a note every time and I just haven't noticed it (sorry, Ishara!!). And I love hearing that my stylists are hearing me and are benefiting from my feedback. So here goes!

(I got lazy this time and didn't take pictures of all the nice descriptions and style suggestions.)

41Hawthorn Corinna Striped Dolman Top, $48
Oh no, this is so cute! And comfortable. I love that it skims my body instead of clinging to it (much better for styling with skinny jeans, which is pretty much all I wear), and I like that it's shorter on the hips than in the back and front. That is my favorite style of shirt. Aahhhh but it's expensive! BUT it's made in the United States, so..
Verdict: Keep.

Sweet Rain Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Jacket, $48
My much slimmer friend tried this on before I did, and because it looked so good on her, I assumed it wouldn't look as good on me. False! It is the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jacket. Pretty and unlike anything else I own, and a great, rich jewel tone. I love jewel tones!
Verdict: Keep.

41Hawthorn Florence Colorblocked Dress, $68
This dress is sleeveless, which I don't like. Maybe Stitch Fix mostly only has sleeveless dresses, and that's why I keep getting them? It makes me sad.
If you can't tell, this dress is navy, with peach and red stripes at the bottom. It's pretty cute, other than the sleevelessness. I had to style this dress up a bit to see if I liked it with a jacket, and I did. I thought about buying it, but I didn't LOVE it, and for $68 I need to love it.
Verdict: Returned.

Collective Concepts Portman Houndstooth Print Fit & Flare Dress, $78
Here's a first: an item from one of my Fixes that I didn't even try on. I just knew from looking at it that I wouldn't like it on my body, and my friend tried it on and something about it was just a bit off.
Verdict: Returned.

Just Black Amrita Ankle Length Jean, $68
I was SO excited when I saw this in my box. I told Stitch Fix that I wanted red denim, and that I liked ankle length pants. But I want to know - on WHOM would these be ankle length? They have at least a 32" inseam. That's crazy. They were way too long for me and too expensive to want to take to a tailor; furthermore, the fabric wasn't sturdy enough and didn't have enough support to flatter me. I don't want every little bump and line to show through my pants. But thank you, Jordan, for picking these out and listening so well!
Verdict: Returned.

Do you want a Fix of your own? Follow this link to get on the wait list. (Full disclosure: I'll get a credit to apply toward my next box, and I'll love you for it!)

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