Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Favorites

Instead of posting a bunch of links, this week I'm going to do something different: a blog swap!

Here's the original prompt, from the Yes and Yes Network of Nice (a concept that I love and have taken advantage of multiple times, BTW):

I'm looking for someone to swap some blog niceness with! 
You browse through my blog and I'll blog through yours, and we each create a "best of" list of interesting-posts-read-by-a-stranger for each other that we'll post on our blogs. we'll also give each other a few helpful observations that we can use or not use to make our blogs better. You in?

Here is what I said about her site/blog:

It's obvious that you are a very creative and driven person. The tasks you set out for yourself (30 interviews in 30 days, yikes!) are ambitious and fun! I love seeing examples of your art scattered throughout your posts (the leaves are great). Your life seems full and colorful, and your blog does a good job of mirroring that. Travel, art, and new experiences mostly define your posts.

You have a lovely sense of humor and a very natural "speaking" voice. It's hard to tell exactly who your audience is most of the time, but only because you could easily engage anyone with that warm, outgoing personality. But you're probably talking to women, 22 - 40ish, and often specifically to other artists.

I feel like a little more organization would help your blog. The "categories" drop-down menu on the right is helpful, but tags would also be great, or more links back to initial blogs. You've written so much (not a bad thing) that I got a little overwhelmed trying to track things back to their origins. Stylistically, less visual clutter would help me - more white space.

Here are my 2 favorite posts from her blog so far:

1) I know it's the most recent, but honestly, her interview with an inanimate object was really cute and funny.
2) I liked her "write a letter" project prompt! I have a friend who's always begging for letters (he is a pen pal addict, I swear), and her post inspires me to finally write him.

Looking forward to getting Julie's feedback on Seaforts Seaforts! That was so fun - if there's anyone else who would like to swap blog niceness with me, leave a comment. :)

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