Monday, August 12, 2013

Stitch Fix #4

See Stitch Fix #1, #2, #3

Stitch Fix changed its shipping method on me this time around, from USPS to FedEx. I wasn't too pleased, firstly because FedEx is the only shipping agency that cannot seem to figure out how to get into my apartment complex, and secondly because my package arrived three days later than my Fix was scheduled. Not a big deal, but my Fixes are usually early! Whine, cry. I'm spoiled, I know. I was still able to return items through USPS, though, which is so convenient. I hope that never changes!

I got the same stylist as last time - I like the continuity!
This will be my last summer Fix, which is fine by me. I'm excited for autumn! And I'm tired of tank tops.

#1: Natural Life "Berlyn" Top, $48

So, so soft! I like the way it drapes and it's a pretty minty green color. I felt like it was too expensive, but (spoiler!) it was the only thing I liked enough to keep.
Verdict: Kept.

#2: Collective Concepts "Ilean" Blouse, $68

It was a nice color and I liked the crochet detail - clearly Ishara has been looking through my Pinterest board! - but it was too short and didn't hang right on my body.
Verdict: Returned.

#3: Eight Sixty "Dakota" Tank, $68

Again, Ishara did a good job of parsing my Pinterest inspirations. I told her this was my favorite color, and she delivered! I thought seriously about keeping this, but ultimately decided against it because of the price..and the fact that it's a tank top.
Verdict: Returned.

#4: BB Dakota "Jennifer" Jacket, $98

This jacket was pretty cool. I like the BB Dakota brand, and it looked good on me. But the arms didn't have enough stretch, which limited my range of motion. So back it went!
Verdict: Returned.

#5: Black Swan "Olive" Dress, $78

I used the words "fit and flare" so many times in the Pinterest inspirations. I'm pretty impressed that Ishara found something to include with those very words in the description! But the color was too bright orangey-red for me, and the dress itself didn't quite do it for me. Probably the fact that it was ponte. Ponte just isn't my thing.
Verdict: Returned.

Do you want a Fix of your own? Follow this link to get on the wait list. (Full disclosure: I'll get a credit to apply toward my next box, and I'll love you for it!)

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