Thursday, August 15, 2013

Iceland Day 3: Snaefellsness

Day 1: Reykjavik
Day 2: Reykjavik
Day 2 Continued: Reykjavik and Reykjadalur

The morning of day three was a flurry of activity, since we had to pack everything and also pick up our rental car and camping equipment. Poor Tyler had to run a couple of miles to the car rental place by himself, and he was gone so long that I thought I'd lost him for good. But he did return, and we got our camping equipment and finally struck out on our own, headed northwest to Akureyri by way of the Snaefellsness Peninsula.

Not Snuffleupagus Peninsula.

For whatever reason, I wasn't feeling too hot that morning. The headache and nausea almost felt like a hangover, but I'd had nothing to drink or eat except water and runny vanilla yogurt for several hours. It wasn't a huge surprise, therefore, when Tyler swerved to get into the correct toll lane and my stomach did that telltale flip-flop. I opened the door - the car was still moving, but very slowly - and neatly threw up onto the road. It was probably the classiest time I have ever thrown up.

After that, I felt a lot better and I was able to do important things, like feed Icelandic horses bits of hamburger bun.

Wearing my new sweater!

It turns out that these smart, funny little horses really like bread, but they don't care too much for carrots. This is what happened when one of them tasted a carrot:

Here are a few more pictures of these horses, because they are great:

"You keep those carrots away from me, pal."

After a while the horses got tired of us we got tired of the horses and got back on the road. We saw a lot of charming little hamlets throughout the peninsula, and stopped several times to get out and walk around. That's why I love road trips - the spontaneity; seeing things I wouldn't otherwise.

Plus I got to see Tyler's hair whipping in the wind, making him look like a model.

I found out that my camera has a PANORAAAAMAAA setting... and I used it a lot. Indiscriminately, some might say.

Lava fields, covered in moss.

I had to get in a face-off with a protective sheep to get that one. He came at me, baa-ing in a menacing fashion; I was pretty sure he was going to rush me with his big ram horns, so I made myself big and yelled at him until he backed off.

At one point we trusted the GPS too well and it made us backtrack for several kilometres, which was the only real disappointment of the day. We still got to see such beautiful landscapes that it didn't matter too much.

And, of course, we were together.

Admit it: we're a good-looking couple.

By the time we reached our guesthouse, just outside of Akureyri, it was after 11 PM and the hot tub was closing. But the bed was clean and comfy (and had two blankets, just like every bed I saw during our trip - evidently this is a Scandinavian thing? it's cute) and we were ready for sleep.

Highly recommended: Skjaldarvik Guesthouse.

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