Monday, August 19, 2013

Seasonal blasphemy.

Summer has never been my favorite season, although I have learned to love it more and more each year. Maybe it's because I feel desperate to enjoy every day, since the season is so short where I live. Maybe because shorts and tank tops aren't my favorite items of clothing.

It feels a little blasphemous to say so in Seattle, where it seems we nearly worship the sun, but autumn is my favorite season. I miss the cooler weather; yes, I miss the rain; I miss the scarves. I miss the smell.

Muffy Aldrich of "The Daily Prep" says it perfectly
I get a little jolt of excitement as the sighting, signaling the cooler, crisper weather to come with the refreshing dry air masses coming down from the north and the inevitable accompanying wool, corduroy, moleskin, cider, pies and wood smoke.
I'm not in any hurry to be rid of you, summer - I'm just enjoying the anticipation.

Issaquah in autumn.

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