Tuesday, August 6, 2013

That time I was a bodypaint model.

I volunteered for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival as an Art Guide last year. It was a pretty good time. Most of the guiding I did involved guiding myself over to a piece of art that I coveted, jealously guarding it from festival patrons until I couldn't stand it any longer and finally bought the darned thing.

This stunning mixed media piece hangs in my bedroom
and makes me happy every day.

I wasn't able to attend the Art Guide trainings this year, but I still wanted to be involved in some capacity, so I jumped at the chance to be a bodypaint model even though I'd never done anything of the sort before. But hey, I'm an exhibitionist, so I figured it would be all right.

Another first: stick-on nipple pasties!

And it was! It was a blast. The artist who did my paint was open to any suggestions I had, so I was able to guide things in a "Nocturne In Black and Gold" sort of direction.

Yes, I am wearing underwear, and yes, it was totally ruined after this.

What we ended up with gave only the barest nod to Whistler, but I thought it turned out beautifully.

After we were finished, the other model and I walked around to show ourselves off. I got a lot of attention, some extremely flattering, but mostly questions about what kind of paint we'd used (acrylic fabric paint!) and how much time it would take to get off later ("To be determined!"). If a dude asked that question, he would usually follow it up with, "Let me know if you want any help." So generous! Har har.

I was very pleased with my nearly nude adventure right up until I had to get the paint off.

Two hours later, my skin was flayed pink by a scrub brush and the tub was completely black. Never again! But at least now I know.

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