Friday, August 23, 2013

101 in 1001

Mackenzie of Design Darling has kept a list of 101 things she wants to accomplish in 1001 days, and she's nearing her deadline. I love this project, and her list - crosshatched with completed goals - looks so satisfying. I couldn't resist starting one of my own. My deadline is May 20th, 2016.

  1. Come up with 101 things. (August 2013)
  2. Organize apartment and donate anything we don't need. (June 2014)
  3. Find a house with Tyler. (December 2013)
  4. Apply to grad schools. (January 2014)
  5. Learn to sew, for reals.
  6. Go to burlesque academy.
  7. Adopt a dog from a shelter. (March 2014)
  8. Take a self defense class.
  9. Learn to play the ukulele.
  10. Attend an Iowa Hawkeyes game. (September 2013)
  11. Visit my friend Aaron while he lives in France. (June 2014)
  12. Consign the nice clothing I'll never wear again. (August 2013)
  13. Throw a fancy dinner party.
  14. Drink sweet tea in the South. (May 2014)
  15. Take a blues dancing class.
  16. Visit a new state. (May 2014)
  17. Attend a horse race at Emerald Downs, wearing a big hat.
  18. Host a fabulous yard sale.
  19. Go to New Orleans (possibly for Mardi Gras).
  20. Run a fun 5K.
  21. Make 10 different things off of Pinterest.
  22. Go for a week without hitting the snooze button.
  23. Buy a new bicycle (my old one was stolen). (Edit: My sister gave me hers. Does that count?)
  24. Go on an extended camping trip.
  25. Visit New York City. (October 2013)
  26. Do a juice cleanse. (August 2013)
  27. Take a language course.
  28. Go to a place that speaks that language.
  29. Swim in Lake Serene.
  30. Send postcards to 3 of my close college friends.
  31. Eat a proper lobster roll.
  32. Buy nice, flattering lingerie. (January 2014)
  33. Visit Whistler in the winter.
  34. Replace plastic bottles of hand soap with pretty, refillable glass ones.
  35. Own and stock a bar cart.
  36. Choose a signature cocktail and learn to make it. (Old Fashioned!)
  37. Get a Swedish massage.
  38. Re-learn how to use my cameras (not on automatic).
  39. Have friends over for brunch.
  40. Try an OULA dance workout class. (August 2013)
  41. Bake a cake from scratch.
  42. Send someone a care package.
  43. Visit the stars in Prefumo Canyon.
  44. Volunteer with a crisis counseling line.
  45. Do a stair walk around Seattle.
  46. Buy new silverware that I actually like.
  47. Take Tyler to Victoria by Clipper.
  48. Save enough to start an investment account. (Edit: I decided to start grad school instead.)
  49. Make my grandmother's favorite sundae for her.
  50. Get a French manicure.
  51. Explore an art gallery I haven't visited before.
  52. Go berry picking. (July 2014)
  53. Make a thing in my cast iron pan (maybe a Dutch Baby?). (November 2013 - I made honey thyme roasted carrots)
  54. Volunteer at a homeless shelter the day before or after Thanksgiving.
  55. Take a rock climbing class.
  56. Spend a weekend at a bed and breakfast.
  57. Make par on at least one hole while golfing.
  58. Try hot yoga.
  59. Sing at an open mic.
  60. Knit a thing that isn't a scarf.
  61. Write a letter to my 16-year-old self.
  62. Grow herbs in my kitchen.
  63. Have a spa day. (January 2014)
  64. Drive a scooter in Nantucket.
  65. Visit all the "speakeasies" in Seattle.
  66. Do one chin-up.
  67. Visit a Disneyland.
  68. Make French macarons.
  69. Try platinum blonde hair. (January 2014)
  70. Go horseback riding.
  71. Learn proper swim form for exercise.
  72. Get a facial.
  73. Spend 24 hours at a 24 hour diner.
  74. Do a photo shoot with my sister.
  75. Go skiing with Tyler.
  76. Try a hot tub boat.
  77. Buy eye shadow that I actually like.
  78. Drink fancy (read: expensive) champagne.
  79. Go one month without buying anything but necessities.
  80. Road trip through Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. (Edit: Just Montana and Yellowstone.)
  81. Have afternoon tea at the Sorrento.
  82. Learn a new pole dancing spin.
  83. Go vegan for a month.
  84. Attend a play. (September 2013 - Les Miserables!)
  85. Build a pillow fort.
  86. Attend a bar trivia night. (November 2013, at Kate's Pub in Wallingford.)
  87. Go gluten free for a week. (July 2014)
  88. Try the "no 'poo" method for a month.
  89. Send Christmas cards. (Edit: I prefer the digital sort.)
  90. Start a monthly movie and dinner night (taco, soup, etc) with friends.
  91. Make ice cream from scratch.
  92. Watch five new (to me) classic films. (3/5: Carmen Jones; The Lady Eve, To Have and Have Not)
  93. Learn how to do a new hairstyle.
  94. Floss every day for a month. (November 2013)
  95. Go zip-lining.
  96. Choose a favorite flower.
  97. Get an aloe vera plant and keep it alive for at least 6 months.
  98. Donate regularly to another charity.
  99. Finally frame those two pieces of art that keep wandering around my living room floor.
  100. Take pictures of any of these goals that I deem photogenic enough, and post about them.
  101. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished (had to borrow this one!).

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