Friday, August 30, 2013

101 In 1001 #26: Juice cleanse.

Or "failed juice cleanse," I should say. Though I don't really feel like a failure, since I just ate scone. With honey butter.

Today was supposed to be day #3, the final day of my cleanse, but things went awry on the first day. All day I managed my cravings for food with pride, even though I hadn't planned my DIY home juice cleanse very well - evidently you're supposed to have about six bottles of different juices per day, and I had only planned and budgeted for three a day. (But who can afford $90 - $165 of juice for only three days? That's some crazy B.S.)

By the time I was halfway through choir practice, around 7 pm, I was having unbidden and strangely precise fantasies about food - for example, imagining with total clarity the taste and texture of each individual, gooey noodle from a Trader Joe's mac 'n' cheese. When my friend offered me a chocolate chip cookie, I cracked.

For the next two days, I drank juice for the bulk of my meals, and then "cheated" a little bit when I felt absolutely starved. I also had a light dinner last night.

I have felt lighter, more energized, and have felt more focused in the past couple of days. I also feel less snacky. All of this could be a placebo effect sort of thing, but at least I've bumped up my daily vitamin and nutrient intake by ingesting so many liquidated fruits and veggies. I haven't weighed myself because I never do, and I didn't do this to lose weight. I don't think a juice cleanse is really meant to do that; I think it's meant to make you feel refreshed and "reset." And it's done that for me.

If I ever do a juice cleanse again, I'll try to do it right, but I'm okay with this first experiment, failures and all.

This has been part of my 101 in 1001 challenge.

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