Friday, July 19, 2013

Stitch Fix #3

I love it when they tie the whole package together like this. Adorable!

See: Stitch Fix #1 and #2.

I've been avidly updating my Stitch Fix Pinterest board, so I was certain that there would be something good in this box. Everything looked promising at first.

#1: Sugarlips "Harper" Jacket

Looks good in the picture, but in person it was sort of matronly. I would have preferred it to be a little shorter and maybe a little more structured.
Verdict: Returned.

#2 Collective Concepts "Ivy" Blouse

Really pretty pinky color, very appropriate for spring and summer. But it fell strangely over my hips and wasn't flattering.
Verdict: Returned.

#3 Chris & Carol "Lissey" Top

It was so cute! The bow detail is on the back, and exposes some skin - pretty. But the shirt was too tight and too short for me.
Verdict: Returned.

#4 Ark & Co. "Vianna" Minidress

I almost didn't keep this dress. It's really cute, and despite being a "minidress," it's not too short on me. The sleeves are a nice length and the scoop back is sexy, in a classy way. This dress feels very "Vespa in Rome." But the belt and the zipper are both cheap. For $88, I expect way better. But I kept it, because I had nothing like it and my boyfriend said it looked good on me - and he almost never offers unsolicited comments on clothing. I wore it on an impromptu date of ours.
Verdict: Kept.

#5 Statement Necklace

Almost returned this, too - it was annoying to get another statement necklace after getting one last time, and I indicated in my profile that I didn't want jewelry too often. But it was unlike anything I owned and I kept thinking how well it would go with my fall and winter clothes. It hangs a bit shorter than I'd prefer, even at its longest length, but I like it for its sparkle and unique shapes. I wore it on the Fourth of July, because I thought it looked like fireworks.
Verdict: Kept.

Are my boxes getting more disappointing? Or am I just not managing my expectations very well? I did keep two things from this box, but I wasn't terribly thrilled with either of them. I mostly kept them because I didn't want to lose my $20 deposit.

I still do love the concept and I'm looking forward to my next Fix! Half the fun is the surprise - what will I get next? (Audrey Hepburn-esque shorts, I hope.)

Do you want a Fix of your own? Follow this link to get on the wait list. (Full disclosure: I'll get a credit to apply toward my next box, and I'll love you for it!)

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