Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Iceland: The Intro Post

This picture was taken by a friend (and unofficial tour guide) on our very first day in Iceland, about 20 minutes outside of Reykjavik. We're jet lagged and exhausted and we look like piles of trash, but I've just bought a traditional Icelandic sweater (or "lopapeysa") and we're in front of our first Icelandic waterfall, so for all our sleep deprivation, we're feeling pretty good.

We've been back since last Thursday evening, but I still have that weird post-trip feeling, like this picture could have been taken yesterday. And why am I back at work, again? Only the three loads of laundry that I've done since we returned have done anything to snap me back to reality - otherwise, I'm still in an Icelandic fog.

I'm in the process of editing 800 photos down a more manageable chunk worth sharing - after that, you're in for an epic series of blog posts, so I'll save most of my thoughts and memories for those.

But I will say that I miss the pylsur. A lot.

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