Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I don't have anything of substance for you, yet, so here's a silly picture instead.

I look like the title character of "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride," and Tyler looks like an adorable after school special from the '90s.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Iceland: The Intro Post

This picture was taken by a friend (and unofficial tour guide) on our very first day in Iceland, about 20 minutes outside of Reykjavik. We're jet lagged and exhausted and we look like piles of trash, but I've just bought a traditional Icelandic sweater (or "lopapeysa") and we're in front of our first Icelandic waterfall, so for all our sleep deprivation, we're feeling pretty good.

We've been back since last Thursday evening, but I still have that weird post-trip feeling, like this picture could have been taken yesterday. And why am I back at work, again? Only the three loads of laundry that I've done since we returned have done anything to snap me back to reality - otherwise, I'm still in an Icelandic fog.

I'm in the process of editing 800 photos down a more manageable chunk worth sharing - after that, you're in for an epic series of blog posts, so I'll save most of my thoughts and memories for those.

But I will say that I miss the pylsur. A lot.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Stitch Fix #3

I love it when they tie the whole package together like this. Adorable!

See: Stitch Fix #1 and #2.

I've been avidly updating my Stitch Fix Pinterest board, so I was certain that there would be something good in this box. Everything looked promising at first.

#1: Sugarlips "Harper" Jacket

Looks good in the picture, but in person it was sort of matronly. I would have preferred it to be a little shorter and maybe a little more structured.
Verdict: Returned.

#2 Collective Concepts "Ivy" Blouse

Really pretty pinky color, very appropriate for spring and summer. But it fell strangely over my hips and wasn't flattering.
Verdict: Returned.

#3 Chris & Carol "Lissey" Top

It was so cute! The bow detail is on the back, and exposes some skin - pretty. But the shirt was too tight and too short for me.
Verdict: Returned.

#4 Ark & Co. "Vianna" Minidress

I almost didn't keep this dress. It's really cute, and despite being a "minidress," it's not too short on me. The sleeves are a nice length and the scoop back is sexy, in a classy way. This dress feels very "Vespa in Rome." But the belt and the zipper are both cheap. For $88, I expect way better. But I kept it, because I had nothing like it and my boyfriend said it looked good on me - and he almost never offers unsolicited comments on clothing. I wore it on an impromptu date of ours.
Verdict: Kept.

#5 Statement Necklace

Almost returned this, too - it was annoying to get another statement necklace after getting one last time, and I indicated in my profile that I didn't want jewelry too often. But it was unlike anything I owned and I kept thinking how well it would go with my fall and winter clothes. It hangs a bit shorter than I'd prefer, even at its longest length, but I like it for its sparkle and unique shapes. I wore it on the Fourth of July, because I thought it looked like fireworks.
Verdict: Kept.

Are my boxes getting more disappointing? Or am I just not managing my expectations very well? I did keep two things from this box, but I wasn't terribly thrilled with either of them. I mostly kept them because I didn't want to lose my $20 deposit.

I still do love the concept and I'm looking forward to my next Fix! Half the fun is the surprise - what will I get next? (Audrey Hepburn-esque shorts, I hope.)

Do you want a Fix of your own? Follow this link to get on the wait list. (Full disclosure: I'll get a credit to apply toward my next box, and I'll love you for it!)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Upcoming: Iceland

Photograph: Frank Krahmer/Getty Images; edits by me

Tyler and I are headed to Iceland so very, very soon. We booked our flight in December - it seems like we've been planning and dreaming of Iceland forever.

Of course, since Tyler isn't big on planning and I am a procrastinator (or "incubator," as I prefer to call myself), we only started planning in earnest about a month ago. I'm still trying to find a decent, waterproof windbreaker that doesn't make me look, sound, and smell like a trash bag.

But, small details like those aside, just about everything is ready. Here's a little taste of our - very ambitious - itinerary, which takes us all around the country:

  • Stay two nights in Reykjavik. Must-sees: the Icelandic Phallological Museum (we saw a documentary on it during the Seattle International Film Festival!); Thorvaldsen's Bazar; Hallgrimskirkja.
  • Take advantage of the midnight sun and hike - at night! - to a hot spring. Possibly try putrid shark meat. Probably regret it.
  • Drive to Akureyri, by way of the Snaefellsness Peninsula. Be very thankful that we paid extra to drive an automatic car - we are wussy Americans!
  • Hope to find some Icelandic horses. Bring carrots, just in case.
  • See a whole bunch of utterly immense and awe-inspiring waterfalls.
  • Explore a glacial lagoon.
  • Skinny dip in a river in the middle of nowhere - the water is toasty warm!
  • Eat, and eat, and eat. And hike to offset all that eating, a bit.
I can't wait!


Some guides I used to develop our itinerary:

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I ended up spending the 4th of July on the rooftop deck of a friend from choir. She has an amazing view! We were able to see fireworks going off in all directions, as well as the official Lake Union fireworks show.

I had one of my odd spells of domesticity and made deviled eggs, a salad, and a dessert to bring to the party. Somehow they all turned out to be delicious, and despite the piles of food available in addition to my offerings, they were eaten up!

We did our patriotic duty by eating as much as our bellies could hold.

Friday through Sunday, I went camping on Lopez Island with Tyler and two of our good friends. We had so much fun that I completely forgot to take any pictures. And I came away without a single bug bite. That's a win in my book!

Friday, July 5, 2013

June Birchbox

I've been getting Birchboxes every month now and I am getting less and less enthused about it. The samples are fine but I'm not sure they're worth the amount of landfill they generate, and I could put that monthly $10 toward something better. I think this will be my second to last Birchbox.

Cute postcards.

This month's Birchbox had an appropriately summery theme.

It came with a little bottle of nail polish (unfortunately the same color as one they'd sent me previously).

A tiny sample of Juicy Couture "Couture La La" perfume.

It's a light, citrusy floral fragrance, and I wore it out to dinner with my boyfriend the other night. Our waitress loved it and complimented the way it smelled on me at least two or three times. I was delighted, naturally.

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss lipstick in "Starlet."

Beautiful color and it went on smoothly and stained well. I was sad that my sample had melted and gotten smudged a bit in the box, though.

suki exfoliating foaming cleanser.

It smells like lemon and it scrubs up nicely, but I could make my own.

And Tweezerman matchbox-sized "itty bitty" nail files.

I was annoyed by this addition - although the nail files might be handy, they're almost certainly one use apiece and meant to be thrown away. And that's my whole problem with Birchbox - it's just not sustainable.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Image Source

I have nothing for you other than my favorite 4th of July scene from a movie - and not just any movie, but the perfect summer movie: "The Sandlot."

It also happens to feature the best version of "America the Beautiful" ever.
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