Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stitch Fix #2

I was pretty excited when I got my second Stitch Fix box, since the first one had been so awesome. And even after I went through all the clothes, I was still pretty happy...even though I hated everything this time! Almost everything. I guess I just really like surprise clothes, even when they don't like me.

#1 Under Skies "Kegan" Top

It was such a pretty color and style! But it was too tight and short, and it did my figure no favors.
Verdict: Returned.

#2 Under Skies Kohl Tulip Sleeve Chain Detail Top

Apart from the color and the chain detail, I detested everything about this shirt. Blegh.
Verdict: Returned.

#3 Under Skies "Rosario" Dress

By this point, I was starting to suspect that the Under Skies brand just wasn't going to do it for me, and I was right. Didn't care for the pattern, and it was another elastic-waist tank dress. No no no! I was sad about this one because it meant that the stylists hadn't really listened to my feedback from last time.
Verdict: Returned.

#4 Miilla "Trish" Dress

Pretty color, pretty stitching. I thought it looked kind of like a modern flapper dress. But the fit was horrendous - it clung to my tush and my tummy in the ickiest way.
Verdict: Returned.

#5 Necklace

The only thing I kept, and I had to think pretty hard about it. It was clear that the stylists had gone through my Pinterest board, because I put lots of statement necklaces on there. Good for them! But it was $48 ($28 minus the $20 deposit), which seemed like a lot for fake gold and plastic. Ultimately I did keep it so I wouldn't waste the deposit, and because I liked the style and the color a lot. I wore it yesterday and got some compliments, so it was worth it.
Verdict: Kept it.

My next box is scheduled for June 24th. Hopefully it turns out better than this one!

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