Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's better than finding a surprise in the mail?

I would argue nearly nothing (except maybe a swoon-worthy triple creme, or a slow stroll home on a warm summer's evening). Usually all I get in the mail is a bunch of diaper coupons and credit card offers.

But a handful of potentially great things, selected with love and a total mystery until you open the box? That is an amazing thing to get in the mail. And that is why I like Quarterly so much.

If you don't know about Quarterly yet, check it out! You pay a flat fee once every three months (usually around $25, but it depends on the subscription you choose) and you receive a little package full of nifty things, chosen by nifty people. I selected No More Dirty Looks, which promised me great beauty products with clean, organic ingredients.

In my first package from No More Dirty Looks, I got a natural mascara and a blush/lip tint. I adored them both and I use them all the time. In the package I received this week, I found a pretty glass nail file, toxin-free nail polish in a bright shade of coral, and non-toxic soy nail polish remover.

Love it! Summer, here I come. Thanks, Quarterly!

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