Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beach cabin!

I have a Pandora station called "Beach Cabin," and I used it every day when my two friends, Anya and Wolfgang, my boyfriend Tyler, and I visited Pacific Beach a couple of weekends ago.

The cabin belongs to Anya's friend's mother, and it's right on the coast of Washington (which made me worry about the potential for tsunamis).

There were no tsunamis, to my great surprise relief, and we spent the weekend in relative peace - punctuated by the odd squabble - doing the sorts of things one does in a beach cabin:

  • Stuck our feet in the sand

  • Worked on crossword puzzles

  • Chased seagulls

  • Watched the sun set

  • Did some modeling

We also ate a full meal nearly every two hours. What is it about lazing around a beach that makes a body so hungry?

And what is it about this hat that makes everyone look so good?

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