Saturday, December 8, 2012

End of November - hello, December!

The day after Thanksgiving, my sister came over to the apartment to help me cook and to prepare for the Second Annual Friendsgiving, which is essentially a Thanksgiving-themed potluck of leftovers, et cetera. We had a little stuffing left over from the night before, and we chose to also make a green bean casserole. We enjoyed a second feasting that night, and Tyler and I ended up with a wealth of potatoes and pie.

("When," we wondered, three days later, "will we be free from the tyranny of Thanksgiving leftovers!?")

A little more than a week later, November was over, and with it the male moratorium on shaving. Tyler prepped his razor, but before he could attack his facial growth, I popped him in a suit and pinned him to a chair so I could document a month's worth of beard.

Looking very handsome..

..manly, and rugged - but wait!
Is that..glitter in his beard?

Yes, it is.

In other festive news, Tyler has a cookie exchange at work on Monday, so I made fudgy brownies for him to take in. I added chopped up candy cane to the batter to make it more Christmas-y.

I also improvised a double boiler with a pot and a metal mixing bowl in order to melt some candy cane Kisses down for a frosting. Then I sprinkled more candy cane bits over the top and stuck the brownies in the freezer.

Slowly but surely, I am starting to feel more at home in the kitchen. I'm not saying I'm going to be the next Martha Stewart or anything, but even a little victory over my domestic laziness is something to celebrate.

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