Thursday, November 15, 2012

That time I got eyelash extensions (again).

On Tuesday I went to the Lash & Wax Boutique in Redmond and got a full set of synthetic eyelashes applied to my own. I haven't gotten used to looking at myself in the mirror yet.

I almost never think ahead, so of course I have no "before" picture.

Who let me leave the house with my eyebrows all askew?
And this wasn't even the first time I'd had it done. I got longer lashes right before my 24th birthday party, in May. They sort of looked like spiders then.

I guess you can't really see them in this picture. Also I was Frida Kahlo so that's a bit distracting.

According to the girl who did them then, they were 11s and 12s. This time I asked for 8s and 9s, hoping for lashes that were not necessarily longer, but fuller, like Zooey Deschanel's (they can't be real, they just can't!).


I was informed that my lashes were longer than 9s, so I settled for 10s. I wasn't shown any examples of lashes that would be used, I think because the girl assumed that I already knew what I was talking about.

Before the lashes went on, I was given a complimentary paraffin hand treatment, which reminded me of those town fair booths where you dip your hand in wax to make a hand-shaped candle, but much nicer. After dipping each hand in wax three times, my hands were wrapped in plastic and put into mitts.

I lay down in something like a dentist's chair, with pillows under my knees and neck, and a soft furry blanket over me. The aesthetician gently removed my mascara, then put strange sticky gel pads on my lower eyelids to hold down the eyelashes there. I closed my eyes and she put tape on my upper eyelids to hold them taut. For the next two hours, the girl painstakingly attached each individual synthetic lash to each individual real one, with special lash glue. Apart from the occasional disturbances (she had locked her keys in her car and so had to keep getting up to negotiate with a locksmith), it was so relaxing that I nearly fell asleep several times.

The price was slightly less relaxing, at $150 for the first full set and $60 for a fill, and every fill has to be done every two weeks. Yikes!

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