Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stuffing ourselves.

Tonight, Tyler and I made challah, celery, and mushroom stuffing for tomorrow's feast.

"Challah for the Motherland!," as my Jewish best friend likes to say.
So many questions for this recipe. How much is a sprig, the whole branch or just bits of a branch? What do properly wilted onions look like? How can I tell if something is "just slightly cooked through" without eating it? Why does this smell so good? 

The best part, other than getting to eat it tomorrow, is that I got to use my cast iron pan for the first time! I am just like Ma Ingalls.

I managed to get Tyler to go shopping this week, which is always a miracle. We found him some boots and jeans that better fit his long, slim legs. He looks very rustic hipster chic now.

You can just about see everything in those pants. Mmm mm.

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