Thursday, November 1, 2012

So long, October!

October is my favorite month. There's just something about the way it smells - smoky, apple-y, mysterious - and how the landscape's temperament shifts from still somewhat summery to decidedly autumnal. Also, things get spooky as the days grow shorter, the evenings darker, and the TV specials more Halloweeny. And I love Halloween.

So, while I'm excited for the more wholesome holidays to get underway, it's with some reluctance that I say goodbye to October, though I know I celebrated properly this year, first by hosting a scary movie party...

I filled my apothecary jars with chocolate eyeballs and jack-o-lanterns. So Martha!

A ghost pumpkin and his two warty friends.
Tyler makes leaf cut-outs for fall-themed bruschetta.

Snacks at the ready!

...then with a costumed pub crawl from Belltown to First Hill...

There are no pictures of this yet as Taite hasn't uploaded them. Hmph.

...and finally on Halloween itself. Tyler and I joined up with Aaron and Eli to explore the most Halloweeny neighborhood on the Hill, 16th and Aloha. We visited his friend for a seasonally appropriate supper of pumpkin soup, then walked up through Volunteer Park to tour the Conservatory, mostly because I wanted free hot cider, but also because it seemed like it would be neat. And it was!

Elegantly scary decorations in the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

I'm a lumberjack who means business.

Cookie Monster and lumberjack extraordinaire.
We ended the night at the Grill on Broadway, where they were having a costume contest. We saw an over-sized camera - which really worked! - a sparkly silver Justice, a Hawkman with wings that could extend, and all sorts of other inventive and delightful costumes. I resolved to try harder next year, but it's pretty hard to beat the comfort and the swagger of a rosy-cheeked lumberjack costume.

Lumberjack pin-up.

Goodbye, October! Hello, November!

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