Thursday, November 15, 2012

November is a very accomplished month so far!

I spent Election Night surrounded by friends, devouring homemade pizza and stumbling through a conversation with a sympathetic Frenchman. It was an anxious and ultimately jubilant night.

The next day, I was sleepy and smiley and completely unproductive at work, which was further compounded by the two baby showers I had to endure for the same coworker. Luckily I was able to escape mid-afternoon to the comparative bliss of the dentist's chair.

On Thursday evening I dragged my boyfriend around Capitol Hill for the monthly Blitz Arts Walk. Tyler wanted to eat; I wanted to mooch snacks and look at paintings. We compromised: I was allowed to see four different venues, and then we would go home and I would make him dinner.

I made vegetarian "Chicken" Divan and roasted pear salad with goat cheese and fig vinaigrette, both with slight adaptations.


I surprised us both by accomplishing a very filling and appetizing dinner. I didn't even have time to take my own pictures, we ate it so fast. See, I can do more than microwave Trader Joe's meals!

Pretty rainbow cake! Source.

The next day I visited Cupcake Royale for some free rainbow cake to celebrate the passage of Referendum 74. Hooray gay marriage! I had no idea that Dan Savage and his husband, Terry, would be passing out pieces of cake, and I almost had a crazy fangirl moment when I saw them.


After a huge piece of rainbow cake, slathered in buttercream frosting, I naturally went on to attend a barre fitness class.

The next day, Tyler, my sister, Taite, and I went to CouchFest, which is essentially a short film festival that takes place in strangers' houses. We went to two of the four houses that were doing screenings, so we saw films that fell under the categories "Experimental and Intense" and "Comedy." The first batch wasn't very interesting, but I liked almost every one of the comedy films. I liked the venue, too - it had snacks!

After that, Tyler and I reenacted our first "date," which was comprised of a very hurried drink at The Sitting Room on Queen Anne (this time we ordered food, but the place was so busy and we were so rushed that we had to leave without it!), followed by a HUMP! screening. This was my third year in a row of attending the amateur porn film fest ("Be a porn star for a night, not for a lifetime!"), and it was the best bunch of films yet. It was hard to vote for a favorite out of the 27 films, but I especially liked a funny, clever stop motion piece, called "Magic Sex," and Ben DeLaCreme's x-rated version of his popular "Boyfriend" parody. You can see the PG-13 version online:

On Sunday I put a couple vintage coats up for sale on eBay that I acquired two years ago, at the height of my vintage craze. I still love vintage clothing, but I never wear these coats because they're too big and cumbersome.

On eBay!

On eBay!
On eBay!

Later, Tyler and I joined my mother, her husband, Mark, and Taite for dinner at their house. Mom made an amazing vegetable soup; Mark contributed one of his many loaves of olive bread (apparently he went SWH - Shopping While Hungry) and chocolate chip cookies; and I made butternut squash Indian pudding.


On Monday the 12th, Tyler and I celebrated officially the 365 days of knowing each other by visiting Belltown restaurant Local 360 and enjoying their Dine Around Seattle menu. I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy eating. Local 360's hallmark is sustainable, locally sourced, simple meals made well. I fully support that philosophy and I can't wait to go back for more.

I started with the grilled romaine salad, which had small pieces of authentic, thick, smoky bacon sprinkled on it, and smoked blue cheese dressing. The whole thing was as savory and as satisfying as a salad can get. Tyler got the crispy pork belly, which came with shaved fennel and rested in bourbon apple butter. He practically inhaled the thing, but I did manage to get one bite.

Next up, I had the artisan pasta with roasted winter vegetables and goat cheese cream. It wasn't the most divine pasta dish I've ever eaten, but it tasted...wholesome? Down-to-earth? Fulfilling? Somehow. It was a very evocative dish, despite its relative simplicity. Meanwhile, Tyler was busy stuffing his face with another pork thing, this time the fennel-crusted, peppery pork tenderloin with cider-braised Brussels sprouts and what looked like cranberry. It was rich and juicy and tasted like the holidays. I was also lucky to get a bite of that, and only because I thought to ask early.

We were pretty full by the time we ordered dessert, but still managed to polish off a caramel apple pot de creme with cinnamon Chantilly, and a bread pudding with pear compote and hazelnuts. Phew!

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