Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First Birchbox!


I received my first Birchbox package this week, and so far I'm pleased and impressed. (I also really love the thought that I will be able to expect something in the mail every month!)

Inside were these small samples:

Color Club "Put a Pin In It" nail polish.

This was my favorite. It's a pretty rose gold color, perfect for Thanksgiving! I'm terrible at applying nail polish to my fingernails, but I still wanted to put this on right away. It layers nicely and looks so fancy. The full-sized bottle is only $8. I would probably buy this.

Lulu Organics Lavender + Clary Sage hair powder. I used it this morning and it smells wonderful, very herbal, fresh and sophisticated. However, it wasn't as easy to apply as my usual spray-on dry shampoo, and I had to use more than the suggested dime-sized amount for it to be effective. At $30 for the full-sized product, I'll probably skip it.

ModelCo Fibre LashXtend lengthening mascara. This is the kind of mascara that has little lash-extending fibers in it. I'm really curious and I want to try it very badly, but I've already got these synthetic lashes on, so it will have to wait. They generously included what looks like a full-sized sample, and there's even a little mirror on the bottle!

Stella Cadente "Miss Me" eau de parfum. The description goes a little something like this: "Ooh la la. This French scent transitions from a blend of exotic blossoms to a subtle powdery finish."

I wasn't too thrilled with this one at first. I sprayed it on my wrists, and I was overwhelmed by it. I don't really like powdery, floral perfumes, so I was sure that I didn't like it, but - it quickly mellowed out on my skin into a softer, unique scent. Even now, a few hours later, I can't quite place it. It's a little like soft, lush blossoms; a little like vanilla and cream; a little like waffle cones. It keeps evolving. It's quietly sensual, sort of like a girl-next-door who takes you by surprise with a warm, mature romance. I love it.

Last and certainly least was the SoyJoy Cranberry Snack Pack. I ate that for breakfast on the bus to work this morning. The taste wasn't terrible, but it had that weird mouth feel that, in retrospect, I should have known was the calling card of a bad gluten free product. Mushy cardboard, studded with cranberries. Better than nothing if you were a starving person with Celiac Disease.

All in all, a very successful first Birchbox! I look forward to December's.

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