Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bluebird has a new brewery!

Tonight, Tyler and I visited the new Bluebird Ice Cream & Brewing location in Phinney Ridge/Greenwood for their grand opening happy hour. 

A small and mighty menu of drinks.

Row upon row of beautiful growlers.

They'd apparently been brewing before, but this is their first attempt at a permanent, public brewery, which doubles as an ice cream shop.

Tyler tried the award-winning Theo Milk Chocolate Stout as a float with Bluebird vanilla ice cream, and I had a snickerdoodle-flavored soda. 

The new space is small, but cheerful. We were lucky to show up early - the place was soon packed shoulder-to-shoulder. 

And rightfully so, with ice cream flavors like these!

Afterward, we strolled down Greenwood Avenue and enjoyed a couple of odd snacks - bone marrow on toast and blue cheese-and-bacon-stuffed dates - at Oliver Twist, for the sake of a quick and adventurous dinner.

I love the decor! Dark woods, metals, and leathers, and the walls are plastered with local art.

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