Monday, October 29, 2012

That time I went to Montana, part two.

See part one here!

The next morning, I napped on my aunt's couch while everyone else helped pack the cars full of food for the dual family lunch picnic that was supposed to happen after the wedding rehearsal. Since I was napping, people had to fill me in later on the drama that had unfolded that morning.

Seems Cam's wedding bros were not good bachelor party shepherds, and Cam had ended up with a nasty hangover that left him nauseated, weak, and tearful. This was compounded by an extreme case of nerves. Long story short, he missed his wedding rehearsal because a doctor had to give him a shot in the butt.

Meanwhile, we had to act as very awkward ambassadors for our fallen comrade during the world's tensest picnic. Plus, somehow a somewhat fierce wind and some very dedicated bugs were able to coexist, and together they plagued a perfectly nice lunch spread. Also there were raw onions.

But the next day, my family came together to celebrate our grandparent's anniversary with brunch, and by then Cam had rallied and we were all able to enjoy watching cousin Mike try to enjoy some fatty steak he had picked out from the buffet.

Then, because I'm me, it was time for another nap before getting ready for THE WEDDING OH MY GOSH THE WEDDING.

Cam, looking dapper.

We waited out in the sun for a long, long time. Then the flower girl walked stoically down the aisle, methodically placing each petal as though the arrangement had been preordained.

Then the bride came down the aisle with her father, and my cousin Cam got a teary, anticipatory look on his face.

One thousand words and pictures later, we had some dinner.

I was too nervous to eat much because I was supposed to sing "The Story," by Brandi Carlile, for the first dance. But that went well, and then I was free to dance the night away.

Terrible sound quality, sorry!

The very next day, Taite and I were back on the road. We went through historic Butte, only to discover that we hated it with an irrational passion.

Despite this, we were able to fake some joy for a few jumping pictures.

Then it was on to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where we met Cliff the dog and his gracious hostess, whom we found through the magic of CouchSurfing.

The next morning, we woke up early and got breakfast, then walked around the lake with our coffee before hopping back in the car.

I thought I was supposed to be at a doctor's appointment by the afternoon, so we were trying to book it back to Seattle when I got a call from a nurse explaining that they had to reschedule me. I was a little irked to have cut my vacation short for nothing, but it did mean that we got to idle our way back home, stopping to peer at petrified ginkgo trees and a Roslyn oasis as we pleased.

Dinosaurs! More jumping!

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