Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s “New Works”: Product Blurb

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s performance of “New Works” is a beautiful example of ballet’s capacity to delight and inspire. Comprised of three fresh, modern pieces developed by youthful choreographers and executed by some of the best dancers in the nation, “New Works” is an evocative and exuberant testament to dance’s unique ability to convey the emotionally ineffable. Elegantly spare costumes and music support rather than overwhelm the choreography; the result is total clarity of expression.
Instead of reinforcing the stereotype of ballet as stuffy and regimented, “New Works” is exciting and innovative; it would serve as an excellent introduction to ballet for the younger generation. Closing night for the program was on March 24th, but more is on the way for PNB. If all you know of ballet is PNB’s annual performance of “The Nutcracker,” I recommend visiting McCaw Symphony Hall in the near future for a refreshing new taste of what dance can be.

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