Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things I wish I were cool enough to wear (ASOS edition).


This metallic copper pencil skirt, which is cool EVEN THOUGH it attempts to channel the '70s, and everyone knows I hate the '70s (everyone wears orange, and in all the period films produced during the '70s, everyone still looks as though they are from the '70s).

This lace midi dress, which is, as the description says, truly "premium." It is actually not too cool for me, because you know I can rock a 1940s look, but it is too long, and I cannot rock a "hits at the middle of the calf" look. Damn midi dresses. Actually too cool for me are those pumps, which will not stay on my feet no matter what I do.


Anything French Connection is too cool for me. The word "French" is right there, in the name. Also, I am not skinny enough to wear anything called "cigarette." Watching the model walk around in these like it ain't no thing actually makes me want to cry because I crave high waist, cropped black pants, but this craving is drastically at odds with my craving for macarons.

Lastly, this orange sequined mini dress with huge paillettes. I shouldn't like it, but I do.

In other news, ASOS is having a massive sale.

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